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The Principles of Self Management Program

By far the best training workshop I've experienced in quite some time.

- Pauline Thomas, Corporate Training manager, ADT

...An outstanding session! Overall, this program will lead the way helping to ensure we deliver our services consistently to all healthcare customers across the country. Our customers cannot fail to meet commitments to their patients and we cannot fail to meet our commitments to the healthcare system. This program will help us to help our customers improve healthcare delivery in Canada! The principles of self management are not only important to our organization from productivity and business enhancing perspective, they can also be applied to our personal lives. Now that we have the entire management team living and breathing the principles of the Self Management system, we will want to roll it our across the country.
- Carl DeCoste, Vice President, Customer Services, Philips Medical Systems Canada

As a new manager I certainly took away a wealth of great ideas to assist me as I develop in this new role with Baxter. Your presentation style created a great learning environment. I am confident that your seminar will become part of my every day efforts as a manager.
- Beth Flaherty, Regional Manager, Baxter Health Care Corporation

I thought it was an exceptional program - a 9 on a scale of 10.
- Joel Meyer, District Manager, Novartis

The seminar you conducted has had a very positive response and reaction from those who attended and was one of the more useful seminars we have run. The attendees that I talked with felt that they could put some of the ideas learned into practice as soon as they return home to help them get better results.
- Peter Jones, Security First Group

The Principles of Self Management really fit with my management style. I have used the performance equation extensively in assisting my direct reports in dealing with areas of strength and growth they need to pursue to build skills. I have also used some of the concepts in conversation around performance reviews related to controllable and non controllable issues. The self management principles just makes my job easier and calls for greater individual accountability and responsibility from my direct reports.
- Murray Krushel, Manager Business Development, Assiniboine Credit Union

On behalf of the business unit of Afore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank for your valuable participation and presence at Afore 1st National Convention 2006. Our goal for this event was to consolidate the bases to achieve the objectives that we have set for ourselves and to relentlessly continue working towards our Orange destiny, which is to become:
I am convinced that with your support and impeccable execution we can, working as a team, generate the necessary synergy to reach our short-term objectives in a positive Afore Way.Thank you for taking the time to share with us your vision and strategy,
- Guillermo Escalante, Chief Executive Officer (AFORE), ING Mexico

Self management training was a very positive experience for me. I learned many new things including the importance of building on my strengths as opposed to the old idea of focusing on trying to only improve my weaknesses. I've learned the importance of recognizing the Controllables and the Uncontrollables in my life and how I am 100% responsible for my attitude in spite of what is going on around me. I have also implemented two admission tickets that have already proven to benefit my life.
- Stephanie F. Wiens, Community Account Manager, Micro

Reading the book was inspiring and I strongly believe I am a better person for having read it. It was very insightful of you and the company to have included it in your staff training program. I can assure you that the performance of the staff here will improve by this approach. This material should also be recommended reading for young adults entering college/university. This book will help them to form a good foundation in Self-Management, a key necessity to ensuring individual success. Thanks for the opportunity.
- Melord Johnson, Staff Accountant, Sidler & Company LLP

Our association with SMG has definitely improved our advisor recruiting process. We consistently attract & screen significantly more applicants than we did before, and the quality of our selected recruits is aligned with our ideal profile more than 90% of the time. We also enjoy considerable cost savings generated by the online profile administration system.
- Kevin Netterfield, VP Advisor Network Development, ING Wealth Management

I have a lot of very successful experience using the Self Management Group here in the US. At my former company, as Director of Sales, I had the Self Management Group run a series of seminars with both experienced sales representatives and sales management. At Astra Zeneca we have successfully introduced the coaching program in the Boston and Philadelphia business centers. I would highly recommend the SMG programs for helping us develop "self managers". Their philosophy fits perfectly with our goals of ownership/accountability and Being the Best.
- John Turturro, District Sales Manager, Astra Zeneca USA

The coaching material/guidance has been very useful, both my team leaders and deputy are now coaching my team on a regular basis at least once aweek, both in one to one meetings and attending client visits and the impact of this has been seen in improved performance in general across the team.
- Mark Brown, Head of HSBC's Corporate and Commercial Branch, London

The Principles of Sales Self Management Program

The workshop last week was excellent for sales people and for managers. I have already put in practice some of the techniques learned, and have worked out perfectly.
- Jose J. Gonzalez, Sales Manager, Scotia Mortgage de Puerto Rico

Self Management Group has facilitated sales training sessions over the past three years that have provided a strong sales culture within the team - at both the sales manager and sales officer levels.
- Patrick Field, Senior Manager Mortgage Distribution Scotiabank International Banking

The training has been a major factor in BMOIL enjoying a 20-fold increase in sales over the past 4 years. The SMG program gives everything a formal structure that is easy to follow and very effective.
- Jim Lund, National Program Director, Investor Solutions Net. BMO Investorline Solutions Network

The Managing Effort: Getting Results Program

The Managing Effort workshop was extremely valuable to me. In my 18 years of banking, those two days are at the top of the list for value added time spent on my development as a leader.

- Craig Hampson, Vice President, Calgary North, ATB Financial

Baxter Healthcare prescribes Self Management Group training for cultural change

I saw the Managing Effort program as an opportunity to shift the cultural emphasis within our organization to one focused on execution, accountability and on driving talent forward - it was the most useful and relevant management training they had ever received.
- Lou Rafrano, Vice President of Sales Training & Development, Baxter Health Care Corporation

The session was very well received by staff. I truly believe we received value for our money.

- Jodie Parmar, Director - Business & Strategic Innovation, City of Toronto

Of all the workshops I had taken in my 13 years with Novartis, none had a more profound effect than Managing Effort. I felt as if a big light bulb had gone on and I could see clearly. Instead of facing burnout, Managing Effort allowed me a new outlook and approach to managing my district. The feedback indicated that tenured managers wished they had had this workshop early in their management careers.
- Cindy Canup, Associate Director, Management Training & Development, Novartis Pharmaceutical

I found the workshop to be very valuable. In particular your presentation on the value of our time, and where we choose to invest it was very impactful.

I now realize that all to often we invest our time with the inappropriate individuals causing us to limit the return on our time investment and energy.

Bottom line is I feel you have helped those that attended this workshop to become more productive, and shown them how to lower their level of stress.
- Mark Post, Associate Director, Management Training and Development, Novartis Pharmaceutical

I have implemented portions of the program into my daily habits with my Sales Team and at home... and I have already experienced positive results.

I strongly recommend this program be expanded in our organization. I also recommend this program to my friends and business associates.
- David Tillotson, Regional Manager, Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Recruiting has always been a big part of my job, but now I know precisely what to focus on during an interview and I dig until I have a talented effort person sitting in front of me. But the learning is far more than just that, it is also about driving the business, communications, setting expectations, time management and how much time I have saved by using your 'admission ticket'. The training was fabulous, by far the best training I have had in years, and the one that offers the most tricks easily applicable the first day back on the job.
- Michel Jacques, Canadian Sales Manager, ADT Securities

As a result of the training the individuals got a clear sense of the role of managers and supervisors in improving performance, and in developing a self managed workforce.
I believe the SMG work helped us challenge our approach to performance management. As a direct result of the programs we reviewed our approach to targeting our resources, ensuring we develop our high performers and deal with under performance.
- Mike Jeacock, Executive Director, Service Delivery, Legal Services Commission, Government of the United Kingdom

I've already begun implementing your ideas - it seems to be working great so far. I related very well to your strategies and plans, it's right along my style of doing things. I've just begun being a regional manager in January and my team's gone from 18th to 4th overall in the country.
- Mike Harvey, Regional Manager, Cendant

The seminar you conducted has had a very positive response and reaction from those who attended and was one of the most useful [workshops] we have run. The Attendees that I talked with felt that they could put the ideas learned into practice as soon as they return home to help them get better results.
- Peter Jones, Security First Group, MetLife Investors Customer Service Center

Earlier this year, we partnered with Jason Kipps to help us enhance leadership understanding of self-management principles and methodology. Jay was very attentive and eager to help from the very beginning. He took a holistic approach to our needs and early on encouraged collaboration from a number of his colleagues. Jay facilitated two sessions of Principles of Self-Management and Managing Effort: Getting Results. He also co-facilitated Principles of Self-Management Train-the-Trainer Program. Jay came well prepared to these sessions and was able to use examples that were relevant to his audience. He is a very flexible facilitator who is able to adjust to his audience to ensure success. We look forward to working with Jay again in the future.
- Cindy Morris, Lifeline Systems Canada (Philips Electronics), Vice President, Human Resources

I took Managing Effort with Schering Plough in May of 2006. That concept changed my whole outlook on what I had been doing up until that point as a manager. Concepts like the Admission Ticket, & Performance Equation are just a few areas that helped me regain not only a sense of balance but an excitement about the possibilities in my position that I had not experienced in years. Since April, I've whole-heartedly recommended the class to many of my colleagues, all who have come back w/ similarly positive experiences.
- Curt Gauen, Senior District Manager, Schering-Plough

This was one of the best classes I have taken in 32 years. It even outrated many of the classes I took in my MBA program.
- Program Participant, Schering-Plough

I'm a 5yr manager and I wish I would've taken it 4 years ago. This course sets a clear framework and roadmap that can be instituted and prioritized as an optimal approach even in Primary Care. I think it is vital that the RDs AND AVPs go through this course.
- Manager, Schering-Plough

I have applied those concepts (managing efforts) not only to my work life but to other parts of my life and do you know something? It works! I now know that not only does it work for you at work but just apply the principle to other phase pf life and it will work. THANK YOU BOB.
- Fortune Oyelade, Resource Intermediaries Limited

The Hiring Winners: Selecting Top Performers Program

On behalf of everyone at 4Refuel, I would like to thank Self management Group for being a valuable partner in our success. Self Management's, Hiring Winners, Profiling and Selection Tools and Developing a Hiring Webpage have been invaluable in helping us to create a winning culture in our organization. Using the Self Management tools and approach has significantly enhanced our training and selection process. As we continue to grow we anticipate continuing our partnership with Self Management, beginning in the near future with courses such as Managing Effort: Getting Results and The Principles of Self-Management. We appreciate the excellent service we have received from everyone at The Self management Group.
- Dwight Smith, Director of Corporate Recruiting & Franchise Development

I just thought I should let you know that the SMG training was great. I personally think that is how all the training should be. It was balanced with different professional speakers and with just enough content that it wasn't overwhelming. I will definitely be able to take the information gained at this session and use it effectively at both my locations. Thank-you again for the great training.
- Bell World, 2006 Training Participant

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to put together the training session. I t was very beneficial and I think all of the managers in attendance gained a great deal of understanding on how to use the tool. I know I will be better equipped in the future to hire successfully. Thank you for arranging this.
- Bell World, 2006 Training Participant

The SMG seminar was excellent. I took away more from that one day session than any other management training I have attended. I was very skeptical going into the session and was convinced that I would not buy into their interpretations of the profiles. I was wrong! By the end of the morning session I was a true believer in the merits of the POP 6 profile and the insight it would give me prior to hiring. I have now changed my approach and am following the guidelines provided to us at the training. I'm also looking forward to the final interview questions that will be provided to us. I was able to take a number of ideas from both the morning and afternoon and put them into practice immediately ad I'm in the hiring process now. Again, I have to say thanks for arranging this and for your ongoing & continued support.
- Bell World, 2006 Training Participant

I just wanted to pass a quick note to let you know that the SMG training I attended was just fantastic! I had no idea how much information could be pulled and I wasn't using the tool effectively. The information provided me with, a clear process to select new employees, a forum to share ideas and test theories with other managers in the same position, instructions on how to use and analyze information from the tool. I'm actually looking forward to applying the process for more efficient and effective hiring!
- Bell World, 2006 Training Participant

As the ROM of the Ottawa region, I have to tell you that the Ottawa team said the SMG workshop was one of the best workshops that they have attended. They have taken so many notes in order to be more effective in hiring. Thanks again!
- Bell World, 2006 Training Participant

The Self Management Group Coaching Program

I would highly recommend the Self Management Coaching Certification Workshop to anyone who wants to incorporate the empowering principles of self-management into their coaching and management practices. The combined talent of your facilitators provides the participants with a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on.
- Loraine Thom, President, Loraine Thom Consulting

You can't go wrong with the Self Management Group. Bob McHardy has been a long time facilitator at our manager training programs and consistently receives rave reviews from the participants. Why is that? He provides a positive adult learning environment, relevant examples along with tools they can literally "take to the streets".
- Angie Tiedemann, Manager Development Consultant, Clarica

I have complete confidence in Self Management Group's products and services and feel they would add tremendous value to Scotiabank.
- Sharon Fitzpatrick, Managing Director - Alternate Delivery Channel, Scotiabank

Self Management Group has provided us with excellent tools, consulting, facilitation and support to meet the needs of our business and directly impacting the bottom line. Bob McHardy has conducted Managing Effort sessions with our regional VP's across the country, and the feedback on these sessions has been excellent. Bob and Self Management have a depth of skill and knowledge that allow them to add value to any organization. I enjoy working with them and would not hesitate to recommend them as a business partner.
- Stoney Kudel, Director, Learning Design, CIBC

The Personal and Professional Longevity Under Stress Program

The program is fabulous. It's a concept that you can adapt to your personal life as well as your professional life. I'm finding that I am not constantly trying to fix what others need to fix themselves. You can get things done and still have time on your hands. Awesome program!
- Avis Johnston, Manager Member Service, Assiniboine Credit Union

Sometimes there is so much going on that the office can get very busy. Every one has different request and every one feels it needs to happen ASAP. I have learned how to focus on the task at hand and eventually the other stuff will get done.
- Judy Boville, Payment Services, Assiniboine Credit Union

I have been working with the Self Management Group for almost 2 years. We have used both standard SMG tests and custom instrumentation with virtually no IT issues at all. In all of my dealings I have found the SMG team very customer driven, often exceeding our expectations with very rapid turnaround of everything from data analysis to custom design/consulting work.
- Peter Oliver, UK Training Manager, HSBC Bank

I have interviewed/coached each manager together with their line manager using the Salespro output, and there have been some very frank/honest discussions which have resulted in all members of the team being very clear on what is expected/required. Changes in behaviour in many have been almost instantaneous.
- Mark Brown, Head of HSBC's Corporate and Commercial Branch, London

Our experience to date with the SMG's assessments have far exceeded our most ambitious expectations. SMG has proven to be a resourceful and imaginative organization and has enabled ING to address a key success requirement for our global advisor operations. Most importantly, SMG has been a business partner, not just a mere supplier, adjusting and innovating to each specific requirement we have had for our global operation.
- Robert Lang, Chief Distribution Officer, ING Central Europe

Read Farmers Insurance Group Testimonial
- Daniel W. Siegfried, CLU, CLF, CIC, LUTCF, District Manager, Farmers Insurance Group

Our strategic commitment to attract, recruit and retain hard-working, talented and self-managing employees has enabled us to grow, plan and execute engagements consistently.
- Kalin McDonald CA, CFP, TEP, Partner, Sidler & Company LLP

HANDS DOWN...THE BEST at selection, engagement and development of people and organizations! John and the entire team at the Self Management Group are the quintessential experts for getting the most out of your team. The only solution which goes beyond selection and legal defensibility to long term development, retention and exceptional engagement best practices.
- Dawn Iselin, HR Consultant, SPHR HCS

The Self Management Group Career Staff Profile has been a real asset in helping assemble our office team. Having the proper chemistry is vitally important in order to maximize the talents available and to be sure the working relationships fit the office culture and structure. The Self Management Group and Career Staff Profile and services really compliments the interview and takes much of the guesswork out of knowing if this new person will 'fit' into the current position and organizational philosophy.
- Tom Turicik, CLU, CFP (4 time MDRT), Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

I have had nothing but success using the Career Staff profile. I, personally, would not hire an employee without using this tool. The tool is extremely helpful and so are the helpful consultants. I couldn't do my job without their help.
- Jennie L. Pucci, Director of Operations, Cornerstone Financial Group

Self Management Group's "Career Staff Profile" tool has provided substantial insight in evaluating candidates. Their interpretation of the "Career Staff Profile has been very accurate and I would not hire anyone unless they complete the profile and review it with them.
- Jerry R. Prather, CLU, ChFC, Financial Advisor