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Clients partner with us to take the guess work out of the hiring process and put science and advanced statistical methods in their selection training and development decisions. Millions of normative assessments and three decades of performance research provide us with a deep understanding of best practices and allow us to accurately predict performance and retention while dramatically increasing results and candidate flow. Our wide range of role specific, validated assessment tools are suitable for employee recruiting and selection, succession planning, leadership development, career self management and performance coaching.

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Sales Recruiting and Selection


The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) is one of our most popular employee selection tools for selecting sales people. A thoroughly validated assessment tool, the POP™ is used to select and develop high performing sales people and has been proven to predict performance and retention. The detailed reporting system assesses the essentials of self management and can be used as a sales skills assessment. It provides recruiting managers with interview suggestions, matching considerations and coaching suggestions. It identifies an individual's strengths and growth opportunities and aids coaching and development.
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The Sales Pro™ is used to select and develop relationship building sales professionals.
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Leaders, Managers & Executives

Management Profile
A normative personality profile, the Management Pro (MPP™), has been proven to predict performance and retention in management and leadership roles. It assesses the factors that allow managers and leaders to effectively manage people and performance together. The MPP™ identifies a range of leadership competencies including approach to motivating others, emotional intelligence, leadership style, communication style, approach to coaching, feedback and training, recruiting approach and other critical management competencies. This executive employee selection tool can also be used in executive coaching, team building, mentoring and conflict resolution and is used by many of the world's leading organizations to turn leadership potential into performance and results.
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Emotional Quotient Profile
The Emotional Quotient Profile(EQPRO) provides an assessment of an individual's approach to processing emotional information. Individuals who complete the EQPRO™ improve their self awareness by identifying how they approach their own and other people's feelings and emotions and how they will use that information to guide their thinking and actions. Individuals with a high Emotional Quotient (EQ) are more likely to make use of all the emotional information available to them which will contribute to their ability to effectively lead and manage others. The detailed real-time reporting system provides individuals with the information they need to self manage the development of their EQ through coaching and training.
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Professional Profile
The ProfessionalPro identifies the core character traits that lead to top performance in a variety of executive positions that require individuals to have superior consultation abilities and/or ability to provide enterprise solutions. This assessment tool is commonly used to select and develop high performing Engineers, Accountants, HR Professionals, Researchers, Medical and Health Care Professionals, Property Managers and Consultants.
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Franchise Profile
The FranchisePro™ helps franchise systems select and develop franchisees and franchise managers that will be successful in their role and who will easily integrate with the existing system. It predicts performance and takes the guess work out of selecting a successful franchise owner or manager.
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Supervisor Profile
The SupervisorPro provides critical insight into the attitudes and source traits that lead to success in supervisory and team leader roles for a wide range of organizational cultures.
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Trust Profile
The TrustPro is a trust assessment that measures an individual's propensity toward trust. The assessment diagnoses what the individual does to facilitate or impede trust in their business relationships. The customized, detailed reporting system develops self awareness and helps coach and develop this critical skill.
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Contact Center Roles

The CONTACT CENTER PRO™ identifies candidates that have the potential to succeed in contact center sales roles or customer service positions. The report, available in real time, accurately predicts performance and identifies candidates that will succeed in roles that require cross selling and up selling. Many of the world’s leading contact centers experience reduced turnover and huge reductions in costs by using CONTACT CENTER PRO™ to predict performance and retention before they hire and invest in a candidate.
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Service Roles

Administrative Staff Profile
The Administrative Staff Pro(ASP™) measures the potential for success and fit to administrative careers. It is suitable for the use in the selection of Agents, Associate Agents, Office Managers, Marketing Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Support Staff and other administrative roles.
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The Customer Care Pro™ is designed for the selection, training and coaching of people for customer service roles that require first-rate client/customer relationship management. It helps identify and select individuals who will perform in service cultures, retail outlets, personal services, inside sales or roles that deal with internal customers and clients.
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Integrity Profile
The Integrity Pro™ is a state-of-the-art selection, recruiting and diagnostic tool that helps identify individuals with high levels of integrity, honesty and sound moral reasoning. Complete with a user friendly, web-based reporting and delivery system, organizational leaders use the Integrity Pro™ to inform their organizational development efforts and act proactively to improve ethical behavior at every level in their organization. As a selection tool, it is appropriate for the selection of security professionals, cashiers, tellers and other roles where high integrity and ethical behavior are critical.
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IT Profile
The ITPRO™ is a validated assessment tool used to select IT professionals. It identifies the inherent personal strengths, attitudes and aptitudes that will help individuals become more effective and productive in evolving Information Technology cultures.
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