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JohnJohn Marshall, PhD

President – Self Management Group

John is a well-recognized and sought after author, keynote speaker, coach, organizational psychologist and innovative thought leader. He is the President and Founder of The Self Management Group, and has a doctorate in psychology from York University where he also worked as a lecturer.

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Shanan Marshall

Director of Marketing

Shanan has been with Self Management Group for over 15 years.

As the Director of Marketing, Shanan is responsible for all online and print marketing strategies
including developing and managing lead generation programs, events, and tradeshows.
Shanan also manages and analyzes the data on Self Management Group’s social media platforms.

Nicole Azzi

Director of Professional Services

Nicole joined the Self Management Group in January 2007. She has 9 years of experience managing  large corporate accounts in the financial services sector, as well as providing best practice consulting services in employee selection and talent management. She helps businesses improve client retention and performance.

Nicole also conducts executive interviews and consults on 360 leadership and organizational development assessments and strategies. She has a strong background in personality theory and social behavior, holding a Master’s degree from York University in Personality and Social Psychology.

Kristina-CalderKristina Calder, PhD

Director of Client Analytics & Consulting

Kristina is an accomplished researcher and author with research expertise in health sciences, finance, education, government, and other business industries. She holds a Ph.D. and is an expert in applied statistics, allowing her to assist clients across the world with their hiring and development practices in order to maximize potential and performance. She has a proven track record of conference presentations, publications, data management and analytics, research and consulting.

Peter Cheng

System Administrator, Information Systems Security Officer

Peter has over 10 years of experience in the administration of computer and application systems. He is an expert in Microsoft and Cisco solutions, holding the MCSE and CCNP certifications. Peter is responsible for the design and maintenance of computer systems hosting the SMG website and applications, and performs research and implementation of technology on promoting their security and uninterrupted operation. He conducts evaluations of security measures, and functions as the internal consulting resource on system issues.

Peter is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a BA in computer science and a major in Astronomy. He moved to Toronto from Hong Kong 20 years ago.

Louise ChioranLouise Chioran

Director – Operations

Louise has been with SMG for over 30 years. As Director of Operations, she is responsible for all operational and administration matters, including facilities management, customer support, IT, and finance. Louise is accountable for all aspects of client service, including the stability, operation, and effective delivery of SMG’s entire platform.

Her oversight of the IT team provides quality assurance while fulfilling all service level standards. She negotiates, prioritizes, and schedules the development and deployment of new systems, as well as product/service customizations.

Warren CollierWarren Collier, CHRL

Director HR – Business Consulting Services

Warren has over 20 years of human resources and operations experience, serving in a variety of senior leadership roles in the financial services, telecom, and business process outsourcing sectors. He is responsible for building and delivering our talent management and HR consulting services to our Fortune 500 clients across Canada and the United States, along with our portfolio in the healthcare and public sectors.

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Robert DouganRobert A. Dougan, MA

Robert is a highly sought after Senior Consultant with the Self Management Group, who has many years of experience working with the financial services sector. Having worked at many levels of distribution, he can layer his knowledge and experience at three levels: head office, field management, and individual practices.

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Gerry DurocherGerry Durocher, MA

Director – IT Services

Gerry is the Director of IT Services at Self Management Group. He has developed numerous customized recruiting, screening, and selection websites for our list of blue chip clients. He has unified the SMG desktop products and the web-enabled products in a way that gives clients many delivery options.

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Chris GeeChris Gee, PhD

Director – Research Services

Chris joined the Self Management Group in 2006 and completed his PhD at the University of Toronto in 2010 in the area of Sport and Social Psychology. Chris’s research is concerned with understanding the social and psychological determinants of violent behaviour in men’s ice hockey. Chris also teaches undergraduate courses at the University of Toronto, and is a practicing sport consultant.

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Scott Harding

Director of Talent Acquisition Solutions

As a key member of the SMG team, Scott works as an industry expert in high volume recruitment and process design. Scott continually delivers the SMG web-based systems and psychometric tools needed for companies hiring anywhere from 15 to 3000 new hires annually.

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Eric Hopkins


Eric has over 10 years of experience developing for a variety of platforms. As a Developer at SMG, Eric maintains the TalentNest website and builds any new features or functionalities we introduce. Eric is always working hard to improve new features to benefit TalentNest clients.

He holds certifications from Ryerson and York University, and moved to Toronto 13 years ago from Elora, Ontario.

Jane Lawson

Manager, Training Administration

Jane joined Self Management Group in 1991 as a Project Coordinator for the training side of the company. Now, as Manager of Training Administration, her responsibilities include ensuring all materials are prepared and delivered on time for all training workshops. She works closely with Bob McHardy as his Executive Assistant.

Collen ObrienColleen O’Brien, PhD


Colleen has over 15 years of experience in organizational behavioural research and consultancy in a variety of industries. Colleen completed her doctorate in psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada in 2001 and her dissertation research focused on employee coping with organizational change.

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Luisa Oppedisano 

Executive Assistant Client Services

As Executive Assistant Client Services, Luisa has many responsibilities as SMG. She provides technical support for all users of our Profile Administration Centre and administrative support for internal SMG staff, creates PowerPoint and sales documents, and assists in developing product information and marketing materials.

Zaira Rangel

Talent Acquisition Consultant – SMG Latin America

As Talent Acquisition Consultant with SMG for 4 years, Zaira coordinates and manages the accounts of clients and distributors in Latin American and Spain. Her responsibilities include training for the administration and interpretation of SMG assessments, service and support for the Profile Administration Centre and TalentNest, as well as managing validation studies, marketing strategies and materials, and client relations.

Zaira has her BSc of Psychology, Research Specialist at Wilfred Laurier University and is currently attaining her Master’s degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto.

IanIan Perrin

Senior Consultant

I have represented Self Management Group (SMG) since 1993!

The 23 years with SMG has provided me with a wealth of knowledge not only of Self Management’s products and services, but with the wisdom to know how to make the materials interesting and relevant for the business in which he is working. Key clients presently include Canadian banks – CIBC, RBC Financial Group, Scotiabank, and BMO Financial Group. In other countries clients include HSBC, UBS, and BUPA. Clients from other parts of the business world include Toyota Canada, Gulf States Toyota in the U.S.A., the British Government, and Harley Davidson Canada.

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Robert Spilak

Director – TalentNest

Robert Spilak has partnered with Self Management Group for over 10 years to deliver innovative software solutions for clients. In 2011, he created TalentNest, leading-edge software as a service to help clients attract, hire, and retain their ideal candidates. Robert currently leads the TalentNest division and enjoys working with clients to showcase the benefits of the system. He also works behind the scenes, continuing to innovate new ways to improve clients’ talent acquisition.

Robert Vracaric


Robert is a Software Developer at TalentNest, a division of Self Management Group. He has a BSc Computer Science degree from York University and over 12 years of combined Information Technology and software development experience in the insurance, construction, and human resources industries. For the past 3 years, he focused on the Ruby on Rails software development platform. His passion is making easy to use, intuitive software for all users.

Robert is a proud father of a future world-class Canadian soccer superstar and rocket scientist. In his spare time, Robert travels with the family and enjoys cars, soccer, and music.


Our Consultants

GlemGlem Dias

Leadership Strategy Consultant

Glem Dias is an award winning Talent and Inclusion Strategist. He has led full lifecycle talent and inclusion strategies at Fortune 500 companies such as Pitney Bowes US, Walmart Canada, and Morgan Stanley India. He is the Program Director of the Global Talent Centre at Schulich Executive Education Centre, York University.

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Dr. Richard Earle, PhD

Principal of Vital Corporation

Dr. Richard Earle, Ph.D.  is an internationally respected and published authority on the stress-of-change and controlling its impacts on wellbeing and performance both in individuals and in rapidly changing workplaces.

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Dwight LaceyDwight Lacey

President – Workplace Engagement Insights

Dwight is an experienced leader and former CEO who formed Workplace Engagement Insights to help companies improve employee engagement, and ultimately, their bottom line. He leads WEI with a clear understanding of survey best practices, the latest employee engagement research, and which leadership styles build successful organizations.

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Max MunizMax Muñiz, CLU, ChFC, CLF 

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Max brings over 27 years of experience in leadership positions. He has successfully led diversity and inclusion implementation initiatives – notably, creating the Ethnic Marketing (now called Cultural Marketing) Unit for New York Life Insurance Company.

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