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Bob McHardyBob McHardy, CLU

Managing Partner – Self Management Group
President – Self Management Plus

Bob is a recognized thought leader, engaging keynote presenter, accomplished author, management trainer, sales trainer, and recognized performance consultant. Bob’s keynote presentations and workshops are consistently met with wide acceptance and positive feedback. His engaging presentation style is rooted in real world, practical business examples relevant to his audience.

Bob has firsthand understanding of the critical elements of performance that lead to personal and professional results. He knows the world of sales, sales management, and performance coaching, having spent 20 years running a successful high performance sales culture.

Since 1990, Bob built the training division of SMG, PLUS Corporation, into a major training organization, bringing their innovative self-management system to some of North America’s largest and most respected banks, trusts, life insurance, pharmaceutical, and retail sales companies.

Bob and his partner John Marshall have developed several unique programs which deal with creating self-managing, high performing cultures. They co-authored several books and articles on the subjects of selection, coaching, training, motivation, retention, and performance and have sold over 30, 000 copies. Each of these books is supported by practical, hands on, state-of-the-art training programs based on adult learning principles.

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