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Dwight LaceyDwight Lacey

President – Workplace Engagement Insights

Dwight is an experienced leader and former CEO who formed Workplace Engagement Insights to help companies improve employee engagement, and ultimately, their bottom line. He leads WEI with a clear understanding of survey best practices, the latest employee engagement research, and which leadership styles build successful organizations.

He has built and managed Canadian banking and insurance companies, as well as a major automotive company in the United States. Dwight also has decades of experience consulting with companies whose revenues range from $4.0M to $1.0B, for everything from strategic development to financing and sale of companies.

With his extensive experience both leading and consulting, Dwight understands the tough day-to-day challenges of turning an organization around. As an expert in employee engagement and high performance cultures, he knows how to provide employees with a vision, plus the tools and support they need to successfully engage customers.

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