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IanIan Perrin

Senior Consultant

I have represented Self Management Group (SMG) since 1993!

The 23 years with SMG has provided me with a wealth of knowledge not only of Self Management’s products and services, but with the wisdom to know how to make the materials interesting and relevant for the business in which he is working. Key clients presently include Canadian banks – CIBC, RBC Financial Group, Scotiabank, and BMO Financial Group. In other countries clients include HSBC, UBS, and BUPA. Clients from other parts of the business world include Toyota Canada, Gulf States Toyota in the U.S.A., the British Government, and Harley Davidson Canada.

We have over 3,500 clients (80% in financial services, 20% in everything else) in 65 different countries, and offer our selection tools in over 40 different languages. Self Management is the focus of our selection tools and training work. We want you to hire and retain people who “will do” consistently the necessary daily activities and do it well.

I often deliver our Leadership Development program, which also makes use of our leadership assessment tools to strengthen self-awareness. We develop skills and habits in the leadership team so that management offers the appropriate coaching and development to build a stronger team. We increase the focus on performance, and the activities that drive it.

My suspicion is that you are reading this because you need to raise the bar in terms of your organization’s performance orientation and management approach. Just to keep your life interesting, you must already be experiencing the generation of employees (our kids – the Millenials) now in the workplace majority, who demand a modern and progressive workplace. You better have one to offer them.

I have a B.A (Hons.) from University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario and a B.Ed. from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. My goal is to bring my experience to you, but in a manner that builds on your strengths. Please let me know if you’re interested in learning more.

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