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Paul-FairliePaul Fairlie helps organizations to succeed by addressing what really matters to people. This means going back to basic human needs to inform products and services for customers, meaningful workplaces for employees, and ultimately, positive change in the world. After 20 years in organizational, market, and opinion research and consulting, Paul comes back to the notion, again and again, that effective organizations start with an understanding of what human beings are ultimately striving for in their lives.

Much of what Paul does is informed by positive organizational psychology, which is about applying a positive lens, promoting virtues, fostering generative dynamics (unlocking resources), and achieving both optimal functioning (e.g., flourishing, resilience) and extraordinary performance for individuals and organizations.

Paul comes by his approach rigorously. He is a behavioural scientist with a Ph.D in psychology and a foundation in organizational psychology, psychometrics, and advanced analytics. His recommendations are evidence-based, with no fads, fluff, nor folk wisdom.

Paul has served clients across a wide range of industries with People Tech Consulting, Right Management Consultants, Environics, and his own company. He is a former Director of Research at Shepell-fgi (now Morneau Shepell), where he oversaw employee health research on thousands of organizations. His primary area of expertise has been individual and organizational assessment through testing, 360° feedback surveys, structured interviews, assessment centres, and employee surveys such as his own Meaningful Work Inventory®, a comprehensive index of the most critical workplace factors known to organizational science. Paul is also experienced in career coaching, seminars and workshops, and public speaking.

Paul-Fairlie2Academically, Paul is also an adjunct professor in the School of HRM at York University, where he developed a course on Positive HRM. He has published research on personality in the workplace, meaningful work, employee engagement, age differences in work attitudes, impression management, cross-cultural differences, trait anxiety, and social trends in academic books and journals such as the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Advances in Developing Human Resources, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, and the Canadian Journal of Marketing Research.

He was written articles for HR Magazine, HR Professional, Canadian HR Reporter, and He has been quoted in USA Today, the Chicago Sun-Times, and other newspapers. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Paul is a regular presenter at APA conventions and has been a speaker for the HRPA, the Conference Board of Canada, and He also manages the Meaningful Work group at

Finally, Paul is also a human being, strangely enough. He owns ten guitars and has recently started playing the drums. He also writes music and poetry. He recently found out that his top strength is humour and playfulness (and it’s not funny). However, he’s very serious when it comes to making a proper martini. He was once voted the ‘quirkiest employee’ with a previous employer. His clients have referred to him as a pack rat of information. He has also worked as a bouncer, and was hit by lightning as a child, which may explain a few things.


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