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We predict performance!

The Self Management Group Professional Services team continually conducts research to validate the effectiveness of our profiles in predicting client-specific retention and performance.

For that reason, our validation research is the cornerstone of our profiling systems.Validation helps our clients achieve an objective understanding of their culture and the key factors that drive retention and performance to strategically enhance the way that they recruit, select, and develop top performers.

What Are the Benefits of a Validation Study?

  • Objective evaluation of your selection system
  • Measures the attributes and characteristics of your culture
  • Benchmarks the “ideal” candidate for selection and succession planning
  • Identifies the key factors associated with retention and performance
  • Evaluates ROI in your recruiting and selection system
  • Provides a normative database for any position in an organization that can be used for selection, development, and succession planning
  • Ensures that your selection system is operating in accordance with E.E.O.C. guidelines

Getting Started Is Easy!

If you would like to find out more about our Validation Services, please complete this brief form or call us at 416-746-0444.

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