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Selection Training for Leaders, Managers, and Recruiters

This practical program is designed to improve an organization’s effectiveness and results in attracting, selecting, hiring, and retaining top performers.

Hiring Winners will help the manager develop a streamlined, customized selection system that is efficient, effective, and that integrates with existing systems, corporate culture, and work environment. It focuses on helping the manager understand and develop a systematic selection process and recruiting system. Each participant is introduced to an attractive buffet with over 100 items on the menu. The individual samples the items and the ones that work are built into a lifestyle management program.

Program Benefits

  • Increased quality and quantity of potential recruits
  • Improved selection and retention
  • Significant reduction in cost per hire and cost of performance
  • Reduced time to hire through online screening
  • Creates a recruiting culture in the organization
  • Creates a systematic approach to recruiting, selection, and retention

Program Outcomes

  • Develop proactive strategies to create a flow of qualified candidates
  • Create an integrated recruiting and selection process
  • Learn techniques for predicting performance
  • Learn how to develop all employees into centers of influence to create a recruiting culture
  • Learn the 3 critical components of an effective selection system
  • Develop and score the structured (behavioral-based) interview
  • Create strategies for assessing effort history and commitment

Program Details

  • Facilitated on-site workshop or train-the-trainer
  • Available in a variety of formats including; 2 day, 1 Day, or 1/2 day programs
  • Available in English, French, and Spanish
  • Participants receive a pre-work package

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