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Improve Performance Management and Coaching

The Managing Effort: Getting Results program provides leaders with the fundamental skills needed to create high performing, self-managed individuals and cultures.

This program develops coaching skills that will improve the manager’s or coach’s ability to gain commitment and responsibility. The fundamentals covered in the course are easily incorporated into any working environment. They provide powerful return on investment where improved performance and a strong self-managing culture are required.

Program Benefits

  • Improved performance and results
  • Increased retention
  • Employees become more self-managed, focused on key efforts that maximize results
  • Management time is spent coaching rather than coaxing
  • Reduced management burn-out
  • Managers learn a coaching system that creates a high performance culture

Program Outcomes

  • Learn the “Managing Effort” system, a coaching approach that develops self-managers
  • Understand the difference between coaching and coaxing
  • Understand how to coach for internal motivation
  • Learn a process for gaining commitment
  • Learn how to assign responsibility and hold employees accountable
  • Learn strategies for developing and retaining high effort performers
  • Learn how to deal effectively with performance issues
  • Receive Management Pro™ profile report and build on natural leadership/coaching strengths

Program Details

  • Facilitated on-site workshop, train-the-trainer, or e-learning
  • Available in a variety of formats including; 2 day, 1 Day, or 1/2 day programs
  • Available in English, French, and Spanish

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