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How to Build High Performance Teams that Win

Have you ever gone through a team building exercise where everyone gets together to do a team activity with hopes of learning more about each other? While those kinds of activities can be fun, they are not necessarily effective for understanding the team or increasing the team’s performance.

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The 3 Key Traits of Great Closers in Sales

For more than 37 years, the Self Management Group has accumulated a normative database of well over 20 million profiles completed by people all over the world. Of these profiles, over 3 million of them are for salespeople, and we’ve benchmarked this data to top producers with hundreds of companies.

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Millennials in the Workplace: 5 Lessons from the Rio Olympics

On the heels of the Summer Olympic Games that were overflowing with hard-working, committed, and successful athletes who are almost all millennials, I began thinking about my generation and the ongoing conversation about millennials’ tendencies in the workplace.

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