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GlemSelf Management Group is pleased to announce Glem Dias as a new consultant and associate, bringing additional expertise in talent and inclusion to our clients!

Inclusion and Diversity Is Crucial

In today’s context, diversity and inclusion are no longer a “nice thing to do”, but have been clearly positioned as business drivers. A diverse talent pool enables the organization to effectively serve a growing segment of diverse customers. In an inclusive culture, employees feel involved, valued, respected, and connected, thereby bringing out the best in them.

Research shows that highly diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams. Improving employee engagement, increasing innovation, and becoming relevant in a global marketplace are the key reasons for investing in diversity and inclusion.

New Offerings through Glem and SMG

Our new associate, Glem, is an award winning Talent and Inclusion Strategist who combines proven industry practices, global thought leadership, and effective methodology in his consultations with leaders at companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 organizations to small businesses.

Our partnership brings together road-tested and award winning talent and inclusion offerings that have made a strategic bottom line impact for many businesses over the last decade. Our approach goes further than the traditional approach to diversity, as it integrates talent, leadership, inclusion, and a marketplace, customer, and community perspective.

The solutions are designed and developed to enable organizations to assess, create, and implement an action plan to realize the business case for diversity, talent, and inclusion.

Here are the programs, tools, and solutions that will be available to SMG clients:

  • Talent & Inclusion Champion 360: Assess the potential and gaps towards realizing the business case for diversity.
  • Executive Impact 360: A new generation leadership assessment designed to be forward-looking to develop leaders to be relevant in the 21st century.
  • Strategies and programs to develop a diverse leadership pipeline from early-in-career to executive levels.
  • Tools for shaping an inclusive culture that enables diversity of thought for collaboration and innovation.
  • Workshops to assess and develop leaders to be talent and inclusion champions.
  • Strategies and programs to assess and develop recruiters, helping them develop diverse talent pools to shape a diverse workforce that represents the community and customer base.
  • Workshops for managers to develop diverse and inclusive teams.

About Glem

Glem Dias is a leadership consultant specializing in talent and inclusion strategy. He has led full lifecycle talent and inclusion strategies at Pitney Bowes US, Walmart Canada and Morgan Stanley India. He is the Director of the Global Talent Centre at the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC), York University.

He was also the Global Director of Strategic Talent Management at Pitney Bowes Inc. His diverse experience comes from investment banking, software, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and retail. A regular keynote speaker at leading talent management and diversity conferences, Glem has also facilitated over 85 workshops on a global basis. His best practice work has been published by, American Society of Training & Development (ASTD), and Diversity Journal.

See Glem’s full bio here.

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