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Self Management Group would like to introduce Maximo Muñiz, CLU, ChFC, CLF as our newest multi-cultural marketing consultant! Maximo specializes in growing and developing diverse and inclusive teams.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, diversity and inclusion are now recognized as crucial competencies for every organization.  In fact, research shows that highly diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams; yet, only about 10% of organizations can be considered inclusive.

About Max, CLU, ChFC, CLF

Talent Management ToolsOur new associate Max brings over 27 years of experience in leadership positions. He has successfully led many diversity and inclusion implementation initiatives – notably, creating the Ethnic Marketing (now called Cultural Marketing) Unit for New York Life Insurance Company. His team established some of the guidelines that are still in place today to quantify New York Life’s ROI within the cultural markets, and New York Life continues to be at the forefront of cultural marketing, diversity, and inclusion ventures.

Max is skilled in conducting inclusivity research, supporting recruitment efforts from diverse communities, and assessing marketing materials in terms of “transculturation”.

A talented speaker, Max has given many presentations on diversity, inclusion, and ethnic marketing for various audiences and organizations, including The American Society of CLU & ChFCs, Strategic Research Institute, and The Institute of International Research.

Diversity and Inclusion Tools at SMG

We recently launched our new suite of diversity and inclusion tools in partnership with Glem Dias, which Max will be supporting with his knowledge and experience.

  • Talent & Inclusion Champion 360: New generation 360 assessment tool that enables leaders and organizations to assess and then create an action plan to realize the business case for talent, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Inclusive Manager 360: Enables managers to be mindful of their personal biases and gaps, and work toward creating a development plan to grow as an inclusive manager.
  • Inclusive Recruiter Program: Comprehensive program to develop recruiters to source and assess candidates to build a diverse workforce.

Investing in diversity and inclusion can help your business improve employee engagement, innovation, and productivity.


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