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Diverse Salespeople

We have seen much evidence pointing to diversity and inclusion as an emerging competitive differentiator that shifts market share towards more diverse companies over time. While most organizations aspire to be inclusive, only about 10% are truly inclusive.

What Happens at these Inclusive Organizations?

Inclusive organizations are able to attract, retain, and build a diverse talent and leadership pipeline that addresses talent shortages and serves a growing segment of customers.

Furthermore, their employees feel engaged, valued and connected. They leverage their “diversity of thought” to shape a culture of innovation, developing strategies and solutions for a diverse and dynamic global marketplace.

Is Your Organization Diverse and Inclusive?

Do you know what your gaps are between where you are and where you could be in terms of diversity and inclusion? What’s your action plan to realize your potential as an inclusive leader and as an organization? 

SMG, in partnership with Glem Dias, is pleased to offer road-tested and award-winning talent and inclusion tools and strategies that have made a bottom line impact at organizations over the last decade:

Talent & Inclusion Champion 360

This new generation 360 assessment tool enables leaders and organizations to assess and then create an action plan to realize the business case for talent, diversity, and inclusion.

It is designed to capture the broader categories that impact the bottom line such as:

  • Culture/Values/Brand
  • Global Marketplace and Customers
  • Diversity of Thought for Innovation and Collaboration
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Talent Commitment
  • Talent Capabilities
  • Cross-Cultural Competence
  • Industry Networks and Community Outreach

The Talent & Inclusion Champion 360 report enables individual leaders, business units, or organizations to identify their gaps and creation an action plan to build a competitive advantage.

Learn more about the Talent & Inclusion Champion 360.

Inclusive Manager 360

At the front lines where the “rubber meets the road,” managers play a critical role in shaping the culture employees experience every day. A diverse and inclusive culture directly impacts employee engagement.

The Inclusive Manager 360 enables managers to be mindful of their personal biases and gaps, and work toward creating a development plan to grow as an inclusive manager. This assessment is based on feedback from direct reports, peers, leaders, and others.

Learn more about the Inclusive Manager 360.

Inclusive Recruiter Program

Have you developed your recruiters to source and assess candidates to build a diverse workforce and leaders that represent your customers and community? Do they understand their personal biases? Are they able to influence hiring managers as part of “fit for purpose hiring” to recruit diverse talent?

We offer a comprehensive Inclusive Recruiter Program to address the above. It includes a cultural competence assessment, workshop, toolkit, and diversity and inclusion questions to integrate with your interview guide.

Learn more about the Inclusive Recruiter Program.


SMG provides the best talent management tools available. Contact us to discuss how we can help your business.

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John Marshall

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John is the President and Founder of The Self Management Group, and has a doctorate in psychology from York University where he also worked as a lecturer. For over three decades, John has helped hundreds of organizations develop into self-managed, high performance cultures. Using advanced statistical methods and principles, SMG has become a leader in applied research and using predictive analytics to assist organizations in attracting, selecting, and developing top performers.

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