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New Turn-key Hiring Solution for Transit Authorities!The Self Management Group’s Transit Operator Recruitment Solution™ is an integrated screening and selection model designed exclusively for transit authorities.

Municipal and regional transit agencies are employers of choice and commonly receive thousands of applicants for a small number of coveted bus operator opportunities. Our turn-key hiring solution is designed to help select the best candidates from this large pool.

We recently worked with one of the largest transit authorities in North America to create a customized screening and selection model that ranks each transit operator candidate based on the individual’s unique inherent talent, work history, and fit to the transit operator position.

Each candidate is scored and ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 to the desired job requirements while recruiters focus their time and efforts on candidates with a ‘success’ profile. Hiring managers can also make better informed decisions which candidates to advance based on objective and standardized data from a multi-method evaluation experience that mirrors the complexity and uniqueness of the job.

Driving efficiency in the hiring process while ensuring a comfortable candidate experience, our solution captures key applicant data, such as work history, customer service orientation, and other necessary requirements.

transitPrior to launching the system, our client typically received in excess of 25,000 applicants annually and the time to hire took up to one year.

We designed a customized online solution, scaled to open the recruitment process for two 6 week periods over 5 months. The solution screened and ranked 14,000 applicants and presented 20% (2,800) of candidates for review and immediate action. Recruiters were able to focus their selection efforts on the top ranked candidates, while significantly improving the speed and quality of hiring.

A candidate pool of qualified prospects was also created for the next hiring campaign and every applicant was informed of their status in a timely manner while protecting the brand experience.

Our client concluded that companies that embrace these tools have a clear competitive advantage over organizations that rely on less effective and inefficient traditional hiring practices.

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