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Paul-Fairlie2Self Management Group is pleased to announce Paul Fairlie as a new consultant and associate in an exciting new venture for our clients!

Paul is an expert in positive psychology in the workplace, and specifically, meaningful work. What is meaningful work? How do you measure it? What are its impacts? And how do you easily design it into your workplace?

Positive Work Inventory® Launching in September

SMG has added Paul’s Positive Work Inventory® (PWI) to our stable of HR tools and surveys. It is a comprehensive employee survey of the most critical workplace factors known to organizational science.

In fact, in a national sample, a 10% increase in PWI scores in organizations has been linked to an almost 9% increase in employee satisfaction, commitment, and stay intentions. Scores on the PWI have also been linked to employee health, engagement, and lower burnout in academic research.

With our focus on employee testing and Paul’s focus on employee surveys, we are poised to ensure our clients have both the right people and the right work, and that their top talent have the most optimal conditions to perform.

Look for our launch of the PWI in September, as well as Paul’s blogs over the next few months on the following evidence-based (if not contrarian!) topics:

  • The new fluff science of positive organizations
  • Meaningful work: the sleeping giant in every organization
  • All generations want meaningful work
  • Myths and realities about employee engagement

About Paul

Paul-FairliePaul is president and CEO of Paul Fairlie Consulting, with over 20 years of experience in organizational, market, and opinion research and consulting. He has a Ph.D. in psychology, and is also an adjunct professor in the School of Human Resource Management at York University. Paul has been a go-to person for his clients for talent measurement, ‘big data’ mining, advanced analytics, and various practice areas within organizational psychology.

His primary area of expertise has been individual and organizational assessment through testing, 360° feedback surveys, structured interviews, assessment centres, and employee surveys such PWI. Paul is also experienced in career coaching, seminars and workshops, and public speaking.

See Paul’s full bio here.

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