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ROISimulation testing is a proven way to screen and select candidates who are most likely to be successful. Particularly in industries with high turnover, like contact centers or retail environments, an interactive simulation is a highly valuable tool when hiring new employees.

Administered early in the hiring process, simulation tests help hiring managers find candidates who have the right hard skills; those who can actually do the job are more likely to perform better and stay longer than those who are faced with a steep learning curve upon hiring.

A simulation tests for competencies such as:

  • Keyboard efficiency, speed, and accuracy
  • Computer navigation skills
  • Listening and memory skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Mathematical competency and accuracy
  • Cognitive problem solving ability
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Ability to create cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Case Study: ROI of Simulation Testing

Simulation testing has a notable positive impact on 90 day retention – a challenge for many contact center and retail environments.

Data from one of our clients who uses our Contact Center Simulator™ in their hiring process shows the following impact:

ROI simulation testing

As you can see, 90 day new hire attrition rates dropped significantly after the introduction of the simulator.

The company also gave us other feedback. After they started using the simulator to help screen new hires:

  • The recruitment team was able to use their time more efficiently
    • Cut the length of phone interview per candidate in half
    • Weeded out 32% of candidates, who declined to move forward to an in-person interview based on the simulator
  • Candidates were more engaged in training
  • Candidates showed an increased speed to productivity after nesting

The Value of Hard Skill Testing

In our decades of offering hard skill testing simulators to businesses in many industries, we have found a few benefits are typically found across the board:

  • Improved Screening of Candidates: The “Day in the Life” experience of testing helps candidates understand the job better. Many of those who would have quit within the 90 day period instead opt-out at this point in the recruitment process.
  • Improved Retention: Better quality candidates means less training drop out and improved retention during ramp up.
  • Improved Performance: Training can be more effective when candidates enter with measured skill levels. It takes less time for candidates to reach full efficiency, and they are typically more productive.
  • Continuous Improvement/Validation: Scores are validated against performance and retention on an ongoing basis, giving the company valuable insight.

Simulation testing is a highly effective way to pre-screen candidates, saving time, money, and effort for the company and the candidates alike.

>> SMG offers the Contact Center Simulator™ and Retail Simulator Pro™ to help your business effectively pre-screen large numbers of candidates. Contact Scott Harding at to get started.

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