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The management development model (which focuses on building self managers) helped transform the group into what it needed to become.  They continue to utilize the profiles to hire all individuals and we also regularly re-visit the coaching model to sustain its effectiveness.

SMG is a very responsive and effective partner in any process that I have led to build a more modern and proactive coaching culture.  They are very much interested in developing lasting and mutually beneficial relationships through actively listening and responding to developing issues and opportunities. It is refreshing that they do not produce a solution in the guise of here is one we “made earlier” which solve only a small part of any problems.

I highly recommend them.

Michael Jeacock
Chief Operating Officer

At ATB Financial, we value the long-term business partnership we have had with Self Management Group (SMG). SMG’s unique approach to sales training, management coaching, and leadership has been the backbone that helped us create a self-managed, performance-based organization. Its ongoing training and support continues to have a major positive impact on ATB’s business growth and on the transformation of our culture.

Rob Bennett
Executive Vice President, Retail Financial Services

I personally have worked with Self-Management and the POP/Management Pro tools since the early 1990’s. I have had strong experience in the recruiting/selection/interview processes in my forty three plus years of experience in the insurance industry. The continuation of the use of these tools for my current company American National indicates our continued confidence in the process and information provided by Self-Management.

Our confidence in the quality individuals, the ability to coach the selected agents and the ongoing development for the management team here at American National will continue. Our results during my twelve years with American National is documented proof of our endorsement. My personal review of the tools and the ability to target the skills, abilities, and “will or won’t do” in each candidate extends not only to the company’s candidates but also to my own son’s completion of the questionnaire. The documentation and data are absolutely noteworthy.

James A. Collura
V.P. Chief Life Marketing and Operations Officer

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