Forklift Screen

Name: Sample Person
Telephone: 416-746-0444



#ABABABAB for Sample Person on 2010/05/19


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Machine Type License Experience Rating
Hand Jack/Pallet Jack Yes None
Walkie/Pallet Rider Yes 1 to 3 years
Counterbalance Yes Less than one year
Dock Stocker No None
Reach Yes 3 to 5 years
Deep/Double Deep Reach No 5 to 10 years
Clamp/Roll No None
Man-Up/Cherry Picker No None

SUCCESS FACTORS Low Scores Average High Scores
Self Manager Responds Balanced High Initiative
Sense of Urgency Low Balanced High
Approach to Structure Dependent Adaptable Prefers Own Rules
Confidence Low Satisfactory High
Work Attitude Questionable Satisfactory Positive
Job Stability Frequent Changes Relatively Stable Stable
Work Experience Little Some Extensive

CANDIDATE SCORES Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent
Overall Rating

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1. What is your level of education?  University/College Graduate
2. If you attended University, College or Trade School, please indicate which one:  
Location of University, College or Trade School:  
Your course of study:
3. Select the one that reflects your situation  Employed Full-Time
4. If unemployed, how many months have you been unemployed?  Less than a month
5. If employed, how long have you been at your current job?  Less than a month
6. If employed, what is your current job title?  
7. How many jobs have you held in the last month?  None
8. What are your personal hourly earnings?  Less than $10
9. What is the major reason you are looking for a job?  Looking for a career
10. Have you ever worked for us before?  No
11. Please rate your ability to work in a warehouse and/or plant environment.  Excellent
12. How much weight can you lift comfortably?  More than 20 kg.
13. How much experience do you have driving a forklift?  None
14. Do you have your forklift license?  No
15. Please rate your expected proficiency working in an office.  Excellent
16. How long would it take you to get to work at...?  Less than an hour
17. Where did you receive your licence?  
18. How long ago did you receive it?  1
19. Is it valid?  Yes
20a. Experience using a Hand Jack/Pallet Jack:  1 to 3 years
20b. Licensed to use a Hand Jack/Pallet Jack:  Yes
21a. Experience using a Walkie/Pallet Rider:  Less than one year
21b. Licensed to use a Walkie/Pallet Rider:  Yes
22a. Experience using a Counterbalance:  None
22b. Licensed to use a Counterbalance:  No
23a. Experience using a Dock Stocker:  3 to 5 years
23b. Licensed to use a Dock Stocker:  Yes
24a. Experience using a Reach:  5 to 10 years
24b. Licensed to use a Reach:  No
25a. Experience using a Deep/Double Deep Reach:  None
25b. Licensed to use a Deep/Double Deep Reach:  No
26a. Experience using a Clamp/Roll:  None
26b. Licensed to use a Clamp/Roll:  No
27a. Experience using a Man-Up/Cherry Picker/537:  None
27b. Licensed to use a Man-Up/Cherry Picker/537:  No

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Initiative/Self Starter

  • Ask her to describe a situation where there was nothing to do. What did she do?
  • Ask her to describe the work environment that she found to be best for her.
  • What were the advantages of each situation? Which situation suited her best?
Motivation/Sense of Urgency

  • In her current work situation, what are some of the demanding things that she does?
  • In her current work situation, what are some of the demanding things that she does?
  • Ask her for an example of a situation where she made a commitment to a difficult challenge and completed the challenge?
Approach to Rules/Structure

  • What does she like best about working in a team environment?
  • Has she ever tried to lead a team?
  • Ask her for examples of situations in which she has had to work as part of a team. How did these situations work out? Were they successful and satisfying?