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Build Success Habits and Build her Business!


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Introduction 2
Commitment and Growth 3
Building Success Habits 4
Motivational Profile (Achievement Potential) 5
Independence (Independence Potential) 6
People Orientation 7
Investigative Orientation 8
Self Directed (Confidence) 9
Lifestyle Management 10
Dealing with Call Reluctance 11
Listening Style 12



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The purpose of this guide is to help mentors and/or managers assist Sample build success habits that will help her succeed in a challenging sales career.

This report identifies Sample s strengths and provided suitable coaching strategies to take advantage of her strengths as she goes through the phases of her career with Self Management Group.

Phase 1: Building Success Habits

At the beginning of any sales career or when someone starts with a new organization, he or she will need to build the habits which will help them when:
  • studying and taking courses to pass licensing examinations
  • learning about the products and services of the company
  • developing relationships with new manager(s) and colleagues
  • understanding how to make use of the technical and business support people in the organization
  • understanding the market and its needs.

Phase 2: Building your Business

Once trained in organizations products and sales methods, the sales representatives responsibilities will change and personal success will be more directly correlated to the success of the organization. The success habits developed in Phase 1 will be complemented by new ones as he or she builds a business.

This report is customized based on Sample s personality traits and attitudes. Please refer to it as a source of coaching strategies that have been shown to be effective with sales people with her profile.
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Commitment and Growth

Fit to Sales Career (Predictor Score)


Sample is very well suited to competitive sales and has the attributes to make her successful in this field.

Coaching Strategies

  • Use this report to identify her strengths and how to use them.
  • Encourage a personal commitment to her sales career in order to take full advantage of her potential.
  • Set high standards for her in terms of activity and results. If she takes control of her activity, the results will follow if you keep working and improving her skill set.
  • Meet regularly with her and use those meetings to learn what she is doing well and how to leverage her strengths.
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Building Success Habits

Self Management (Enterprising Potential)


Sample is very enterprising, competitive, determined and goal oriented. She has the potential to be very successful. During the period of her orientation and training, it will be important for you to build the type of success habits that she can carry throughout her career. As she starts to grow her business, she will need to have her daily and weekly habits reinforced until they are part of her routine.

Building Good Habits

  • Help her build her daily plan and weekly progress goals for her whatever She is doing.
  • Help her to plan and record the plan for her daily activity (number hours of study, meetings and other essential activities etc). By doing this, she will establish a habit of setting her goals.
  • Make certain that she plans her daily work and completes it.
  • Reward her for keeping her commitments.
Building Business
  • Help her set goals for activities which she can control such as calls, meetings, hours working on specific projects etc.
  • Encourage her commit to her goals.
  • Monitor her activity and until you are certain that the habits are ingrained.
Encourage to:
  • Schedule weekly development interviews with her to discuss her progress, her goals and what she needs to do to keep on target.
  • Prepare for each meeting with a review of her activities.
  • Spend time advising her about what she is doing well before addressing growth opportunities.
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Motivational Profile (Achievement Potential)


She is highly motivated by challenge and the need to achieve. She is prepared to work hard but she can be impatient and may have a high sense of urgency. Her motivational profile is similar to sales people who are strong closers in the sales process.

Building Good Habits

  • Design a scorecard for her to monitor her achievements and keep score.
  • Help her organize her schedule to allow enough time to meet all her.
  • Challenge her to set high standards for herself but always in a constructive way.
Building Business
  • Because of her high sense of urgency it may be helpful to learn to pace her presentations so that they match the needs of the client/prospect. Monitor her approach until you are comfortable with it.
  • Time management will be important for her in order to meet her goals. Developing her self management potential will be very helpful int this regard.
Encourage to:
  • Stretch her gradually but continuously.
  • Work with her on her closing style.
  • Ask her mentor or manager for suggestions on how to challenge her constructively.
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Independence (Independence Potential)


She is co-operative most of the time and independent when the situation calls for it. She will integrate well with most existing systems allowing her to besuitable for working independently in a modestly structured organization. Encourage her to develop this strength in the following ways:

Building Good Habits

  • Learn how the Self Management Group culture works so she can be an effective team member and take advantage of the support and structure provided by the organization.
  • Encourage her resourcefulness when looking for new ideas.
  • Discuss what she has learned with other people who are in the company or going through the learning process.
Building Business
  • Explain the company sales strategy but also consider other ways that she can build her referral network.
  • Have her build good relationships with those who provide support within the organization.
  • Encourage her to develop her self management strengths so that she can work independently as she builds her business.
Encourage to:
  • Reveiw new ideas with her rather than implementing from the without discussion.
  • Challenge her to think of fresh approaches to the sales process and be prepared to review her ideas.
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People Orientation

  Requires Instruction

Sample can be quite warm, friendly and sociable but prefers to build friendships and relationships over time. She feels more at ease dealing with familiar people than meeting new people.

Building Good Habits

  • Work on her listening skills when talking to people and help her show how being a good listener will make her social experiences more relaxed and enjoyable.
  • Help her focus on the good in everyone so that new interactions are more energizing for her.
Building Business
  • Pay attention to social niceties when meeting someone. It is important to demonstrate her good manners and willingness to listen to the concerns of the other person prior to giving a presentation.
  • Because Sample is not naturally sociable, it will be important for her to explore her natural markets fully and build a large network of people with whom she is comfortable.
Encourage to:
  • Developing her knowledge base and sales skills is critical because her social style will make her less comfortable meeting new prospects.
  • Encourage her to develop a reputation as a good listener.
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Investigative Orientation

  Requres Instruction

She is comfortable with a balance of technical and non-technical issues in her work. She enjoys some problem solving but a mixture of non-technical and technical issues would be most desirable. She has the approach to analysis that is common for sales people.

Building Good Habits

  • Encourage her to set aside a regular time each day to review product knowledge and relevant business news.
  • Focus on the essential knowledge first and than delve into some of the more difficult material.
Building Business
  • Encourage her to practise her client approach so that she can deliver a 30 second version that will generate interest.
  • Make sure that she knows the strengths and benefits of the products well enough to give a strong presentation and provide answers to most client questions.
  • Familiatize her with the Self Management Group support network when you do not have an answer.
Encourage to:
  • Prepare a list of her technical questions in advance of her meetings and share them with her mentor so that they can be addressed quickly at the meetings.
  • Ask her mentor for advice on her presentations.
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Self Directed (Confidence)


Sample s feelings of being in control of her own circumstances are consistent with the majority of the population. believes that she is capable of handling most situations that she is likely to encounter. Like most people, she may feel that she needs help with difficult problems or in tight situations.

Building Good Habits

  • Build and maintain her feelings of success by being aware of her strengths (build conscious competence).
  • Use her strengths as much as possible to get things done.
  • Review each successful achievement as success builds confidence and by reflecting on success, she may learn how to replicate it.
  • Focus on the things that she did well and can control.
  • Build her own personal marketing piece so that she is more aware of personal strengths and expertise that her friends and family do not have.
  • Focus on the process rather than the result. Even a perfect sales process does not guarantee a sale but the better the process, the higher the probability.
  • Maintain her good attitude and work habits and she can work her way out of a slump.
Coaching Strategies
  • If she has trouble understanding anything, ask her mentor to explain it to you rather than agonizing over it.
  • Discuss her strengths with her mentor and ask for the best way to apply them.
  • Take responsibility for her own learning as you complete her training.
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Lifestyle Management


Sample handles pressure, deadlines, criticism and most stressful situations adequately. approach to this issue will be neither a strength or a weakness but like most people she will have occasional difficulty managing her energy.

Building Good Habits

  • Identify negative habits/thought patterns and replace them with more positive ones.
  • Try to look at stressful situations as challenges.
  • Seek stress coping strategies from the library, public health units, the internet and the popular media.
  • Change her goals to make them more practical if feeling overwhelmed.
Coaching Strategies
  • Help her organize her workload more effectively or eliminate non-essential tasks that may be causing problems.
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Dealing with Call Reluctance


Sample has some of the attitudes about prospecting, managing rejection and sales as a career that will help her when prospecting and building her business.

Building Good Habits

  • she has some comfort with prospecting and rejection which can be turned to her advantage by turning each rejection into a chance to improve her approach.
  • Let people know about her new job and ask for future referrals.
  • Focus on the high quality of the products and services that Self Management Group provides so that you will feel comfortable with value that She is providing to her prospects and clients.
Building Business
  • Keep asking for a referral even if you dont expect one.
  • Remember that a positive attitude is essential and building a successful market survey will help you prospect when building her business in the future.
  • No one likes rejection but she is generally good at accepting it as non-personal. When people wont talk to you or help with her market survey it is more likely that they are worried about how their friends would react than rejecting you. Try to set them at ease by demonstrating her good judgment and tact.
Encourage to:
  • Talk to her mentor to introduce techniques and idas to handle rejection.
  • Have her mentor comment on and reinforce the techniques that are making you successful.
  • Review her strengths with her mentor and ask for advice on how to be even better at picking up the phone and making calls.
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Listening Style


Sample is able to listen very effectively while in conversation with others. her approach to listening is an asset while interacting with clients, peers or others.

A Guide to Helping

  • Take advantage of her strengths as a listener when dealing with difficult clients as she may be able to gather information and gain trust where others have been unable to do so.
Coaching Strategies
  • Sample may be a role model for others in the fact finding or consultative sale.
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