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Sample Person

November 10, 2009

This report provides an overall assessment of the candidate's general suitability for a contact center position. It measures the skills and aptitudes that are normally required in the role.

SimulationPro for Sample Person on November 10, 2009

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Candidate Information 
Name: Sample Person  |  Telephone: 416-746-0444  |  Email Address: 
Desired Location: Self Management Group - Toronto Office

Overall Score
An average of Computer Literacy, Cognitive Skills, and Customer Focus
Computer Literacy
An evaluation of computer literacy based on the simulation exercise
 Computer Navigation
Showing basic computer skills such as opening different windows, using the mouse, interpreting functions etc.
Speed and accuracy when entering information using computer keyboard
Cognitive Skills
An evaluation of some cognitive abilities based on the simulation exercise
 Basic Mathematics
Solving basic mathematics problems
 Reading and Comprehension
Reading and understanding written information
 Problem Solving
Identifying and solving problems
Customer Focus
An evaluation of customer service essentials based on the simulation exercise
 Listening and Comprehension
Listening and understanding customer needs and wishes
 Memory and Attention to Detail
Paying attention to customer needs and recalling important information from conversation
 Business Development
Listening and identifying selling opportunities

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