Utility Arborist

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Position Details

At Hydro One,Utility Arborists serve an apprenticeship through the Hydro One/PWU Joint Forestry Training Committee (JFTC) to become a Utility Arborist.

Utility Arborists perform the line clearing adjacent to distribution and transmission electrical lines and associated equipment. . The work is performed by climbing a tree, from an aerial device or from the ground. They also carry out all phases of vegetation management including the application of pesticides. The ability to work with Chainsaw, wood/branch chipper and related arboriculture tool operations is required.

Apprentices also receive additional training to become a Regional Maintainer - Forestry. This includes Hydro One specific training. Applicants for this work will be required to travel and work throughout the province and may be stationed at any Hydro One facility throughout the province.

Training & Experience

The apprenticeship for a Utility Arborist is made up of four 1500 hour terms. First term apprentices earn 50% of the journeyperson wage and progress 10% each term. Each term is approximately 9 months in length. The apprenticeship includes a 7 week orientation session and 3 in school training sessions totaling 7 weeks in length at a Hydro One training facility.

Applicants for these positions must have successfully completed Grade 12 or the equivalent including Grade 12 Mathematics (or equivalent) and Grade 12 English (or equivalent).

Your success is based on a good work ethic, quality skills and a great attitude. Previous arborist work experience is an asset.


Utility Arborist Apprentices are required to travel and work throughout the province.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship program, you will be encouraged to apply for Utility Arborist opportunities anywhere in the Hydro One system.

Compensation & Benefits

In addition to enjoying a satisfying career with fellow skilled trade's people, you are paid while learning and enjoy an excellent benefit package. Apprentices start at $23.70/hr which includes benefits, pension and vacation pay, with pay adjustments upon completion of each term.

At Hydro One, fully qualified Utility Arborists earn a total wage package of approximately $42.40/hr which includes benefits, pension and vacation pay.

Position Demands

This work will appeal to those individuals that enjoy physical work that is primarily outdoors in all types of weather conditions. You will be required to work at heights, on ladders, in aerial devices and in trees.

Next Steps

Prior to proceeding to the application process, please ensure you have the following information readily available to complete your application. If you do not have this information, please refer to the FAQ section for further information before proceeding.

  • Electronic copy of your personal Resume to be available for copy and paste (mandatory)
  • Electronic copy of your cover letter to be available for copy and paste (optional)
  • Copy of your High School Transcript(s) which includes course codes and marks (mandatory)
  • Trades Toolkit



    • General maintenance and repair work on electrical systems and equipment; ground-level visual inspection of power and stations service transformers
    • Overhauling, maintaining, and inspecting equipment: batteries, conductors and insulators,  compressed air systems, switchgear, transformers, rotating machines, distribution stations and equipment
    • Data collection/Equipment operation: assessing equipment condition, filing blueprints, insulator contamination testing.

    Power Line Technician

    • Responsible for installation, maintenance, repair, and removal of overhead and underground electricand/or fiber optic distribution systems
    • Systems include the conductor and/or fiber optic cable, as well as the wood or steel poles which support and carry the conductor and/or fiber optic cable
    • Data collection: checking defective equipment; checking maps
    • Ground level work: cable locates; flag person; equipment operator; observer (e.g. guiding loads)
    • Pole installation: Load/unload poles; install and frame wood/steel poles: remove existing poles
    • Underground work: Install primary and/or secondary cable by direct burial
      fault locating; splicing and termination of cables.

    Truck & Coach Technician

    • Responsible for the inspection, repair, maintenance, and emergency repair to Hydro Onefleet vehicles and trucks as well as the hydraulic equipment on the vehicles
    • Maintaining inspection schedules and coordinating/scheduling repairs to be contracted out
    • Office-related tasks: order and pick up parts;
    • Pick-up & delivery: drive and deliver vehicles to and from the garage
    • Safety inspections: inspect facility, equipment and tools
    • Small Vehicle Inspection and Repair: includes disassembling, cleaning and rebuilding parts
    • Warehouse Inventory
    • Large Vehicle Inspection and Repair: includes engine boosting and service calls to site
    • Large Parts Repair and Replacement & Fieldwork: includes vehicle recovery.

    Utility Arborist

    • Responsible for removing brush, diseased trees and branches that have potential to interfere with electricity transmission lines; Works with a partner or as part of a crew.
    • Spotter: Communicate hazards; reposition bucket truck; maintenance; chain and blade replacement; trimming from ground level; branch and/or tree cutting.
    • Brush clean up/Chipping: cut branches into manageable pieces with chainsaw/hand saw; feed branches into chipper; sweeping/raking/ shovelling woodchips and debris
    • Brush removal: cut/remove brush and small trees on transmission and distribution right of ways.

    We'll keep your application on file for up to one year and contact you if your qualifications match any of our future Utility Arborist Apprenticeship opportunities.

    The following skill trade apprentice roles are recruited on a seasonal basis throughout the year in the timelines highlighted below. Please review this site or Hydro One & Power Workers Web Site(s) for future job postings.

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