Meter Technician Trainee

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Position Details

At Hydro One, Meter Technician Trainees will complete a training program to become a qualified Meter Technician Journeyperson. As a Meter Technician Trainee, you are enrolled in and are expected to successfully complete the Hydro One Meter Technician Training Program and accumulate 6,000 hours of related electric metering work experience.

As a member of the Hydro One/PWU Team, Meter Technicians install, operate and maintain electric metering installations for Hydro One customers. You will carry out work involving meter reverifications, sample meters, overdue meters and provide annual testing on a wide range of metering equipment. You will use various tools including CM evaluators and metering analyzer equipment and software to validate accuracy.

You will maintain records for and receive work assignments with general discussion from Meter and Relay Services and your Supervisor. You will be responsible for cleaning, checking and making replacements and carry out the necessary responsibilities to ensure all equipment meets specified requirements including regulatory compliance.

You will also investigate, prepare and document all pertinent reports on the work performed, recording data or problems encountered, provide empirical solutions and evidence to support additional work required.

Training & Experience

Applicants for these positions must have successfully graduated from a post-secondary program at a recognized College of Applied Arts & Technology (two years minimum) or an accredited University in an Electrical, Electronics or related discipline of study.

Applicants are required to possess knowledge of electrical and electronic theory and related mathematics as they apply to telecommunications, control and metering equipment and circuitry. Requires a knowledge of instruments and test equipment used in checking electrical and electronic circuits.

Applicants must have a valid Ontario driver's license Class G and are legal to work in Canada. Your success is based on a good work ethic, ability to learn and practice new skills and a great attitude. Related metering work experience is considered an asset.


Meter Technician Trainees will be required to travel and work throughout the province and may be stationed at any Hydro One facility.

Compensation & Benefits

In addition to enjoying a satisfying career with fellow skilled trade's people, you are paid while learning and enjoy an excellent benefit package.

Meter Technician Trainee's start at $28.35 /hour plus benefits, pension and vacation pay, with pay adjustments upon completion of each term.

Upon successful completion of the trainee program, you will be encouraged to apply for permanent Meter Technician opportunities anywhere in the Hydro One system.

Position Demands

This position requires frequent intermittent periods of standing and walking daily, along with lifting and occasional periods of carrying light to moderately heavy test equipment or circuit components.

Work assignments involving periodic routine maintenance requires the capability to be a strong self-manager, including confidence managing routine tasks in an independent manner in accordance with a prescribed schedule governed by advice, instruction, training and standards. All work is generally performed both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather conditions. The position may, on occasion be required to work in proximity to live high-voltage apparatus and requires work and exposure to transformer hum and the vibration of rotating equipment.

Close attention is required over prolonged periods of time in checking and validating equipment into service, performing diagnostics, repairs, etc. while accomplishing work objectives in the most expedient and safe manner.

Next Steps

Prior to proceeding to the application process, please ensure you have the following information readily available to complete your application. If you do not have this information, please refer to the FAQ section for further information before proceeding.

  • Electronic copy of your personal Resume to be available for copy and paste (mandatory)
  • Electronic copy of your cover letter to be available for copy and paste (optional)
  • For the Electrician, Powerlines Technician, Utility Arborist, Truck and Coach Technician and Cable Splicer apprenticeships, a copy of your High School Transcript(s) which includes course codes and marks (mandatory)
  • For Meter Technician Trainee applicants, if you are selected for an interview, you will be required to send us a copy of your College Diploma or University Degree showing successful completion of the mandatory Community College/University programs. (mandatory)
  • We'll keep your application on file for up to one year and contact you if your qualifications match any of our future Meter Technician Trainee opportunities.

    Hydro One recruits on a seasonal basis throughout the year. Please visit the Hydro One & Power Workers Web Site(s) for future job postings.

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