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The purpose of this Job Description is to provide a thorough overview of the duties and responsibilities required by this position. It does not list every conceivable duty nor the exact frequency of each activity required to effectively operate the apartment community. To that end, the employee must be open to any and all duties assigned by the Property Manager and the specific schedule requirements that they establish.

General Job Summary

Caretakers are responsible for the overall cleanliness and appearance of an apartment building, its common areas, grounds, and related parking structures. Newly vacant apartments are to be cleaned at the end and beginning of each month. Limited light maintenance may be performed in common areas and vacant apartments. Snow removal is required during the winter months.

Essential Job Functions

  • Interior Common Areas
    • Each morning (including weekends) walk all common areas of the building to identify and correct any cleanliness or appearance deficiencies within the building. Notify Property Manager of any other issues that require attention
    • Common Areas as assigned by Property Manager: Entries, hallways, stairwells, elevators, laundry facilities, storage room, party room, fitness center, other common spaces
    • Primary surfaces: On a DAILY basis all primary surfaces in all areas must be clean and free of all grime, dirt, dust, scuff marks, cobwebs, debris and trash.
      • Carpet (including walk-off mats) - Vacuum and edge as need, all areas vacuumed at least once per week
      • Hard Flooring (tile, vinyl, concrete) - sweep and mop as needed, periodic hand scrubbing needed to clean grout and stubborn dirt
      • Walls and doors - general cleaning and remove scuff marks as needed
      • Glass (entry doors, side-lights, windows) - glass must be clear and free of fingerprints
      • Laundry equipment - wiped down exterior, remove soap and dirt build-up under washer lid, around coin boxes and in cracks and crevices
    • Secondary Surfaces: On a DAILY basis secondary surfaces in all areas must be clean and free of all grime, dirt, dust, scuff marks, cobwebs, debris and trash
      • Aluminum door and window frames, door hardware
      • Entry systems, mailboxes
      • Light fixtures, lenses, covers, shades, emergency lighting - remove dead bugs
      • Railings and sills, ledges, baseboards
      • Radiators, heaters , baseboard heat, vents and pipes
      • Fire extinguisher and hose boxes (inside and out)
      • Fitness equipment, vending machines, furniture, planters
    • Trash receptacles: empty trash and ashtrays, replace can liners
    • Underground or "on-grade" enclosed parking garages: walk daily to remove trash, sweep entry areas and vacuum walk-off mats as needed to protect flooring in finished common areas. Sweeping and hosing down of general parking area as directed by Property Manager. Notify Property Manager of any violations of the parking and garage use policy
    • Light Maintenance: only minor repairs that require nothing more than basic hand tools. Common items would be light bulb replacement in hallways and vacant apartments, replacement of window blinds (not brackets), tightening of loose screws on door handles and outlet covers, etc.
  • Grounds & Building Exterior (Daily)
    • Trash Pick-Up: each morning (including weekends) walk the grounds, parking lot and drive areas to collect any trash or debris (small branches, etc.). City sidewalks, curbs and streets are also included as cities do not maintain these areas
    • Building Entries: sweep sand from exterior porch and stairs, remove cobwebs and hose down siding to remove dirt
    • Dumpster Area: place any trash or small furnishing into dumpster, sweep area regularly and hose down as needed to eliminate mess or odors. Alert Property Supervisor to any items not suitable for dumpster (tires, car batteries, appliances, large furniture, electronics)
    • Landscaping & Lawn: remove weeds from landscaped areas, flower beds and potted plants not maintained by lawn service and as directed by Property Manager. Water turf areas, landscaping and gardens as directed by Property Manager
  • Snow Removal
    • Shovel or snow blow snow from sidewalks, stairs, porches and any exterior common walk not addressed by snow plowing company following a snowfall. Salt/sand and remove ice as needed to maintain a safe walking surface. Removal of overnight snowfalls must be completed by 7:30AM. Periodic snow removal may be required during larger/extended snowfalls to maintain appropriate access the building and property facilities
  • Apartment Turnover Cleaning
    • Complete all cleaning in vacant apartments to make the unit market ready within the timeframe established by Property Manager
    • Turn cleaning includes:
      • Kitchen cabinets & drawers, counter tops, sink, faucets, appliances
      • Bathroom cabinets & drawers, medicine cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets, mirrors, bathtub, shower surrounds, shower doors, hardware
      • Hard surface flooring, carpet vacuuming
      • Window/patio door glass & frames, sills, window blinds
      • Doors, trim, casings, baseboards, closet shelving
      • Light fixture lenses, electrical outlet/fixture covers, bulb replacement
      • Removal of debris, trash and personal belonging from apartment and deck/patio
    • Vacant apartments must be inspected weekly and "touched-up" as needed to keep them in top, market ready condition
  • General Site Duties
    • After Hours Emergency On-Call: Based on the particular needs of each property, caretakers may be required to participate in the emergency on-call rotation with other employees at the site. Employees must be able to respond and physically reach the property within 30 minutes of the call. If employee is unable to effectively resolve the matter they are to immediately contact the on-call maintenance person or the Property Manager
    • Assist Residents in a respectful and professional manner
    • Check-in at Management Office once per day
    • Deliver letters or notices to apartments
    • Provide assistance during site sponsored community events

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • None

Knowledge & Skills Required

  • Live on-site
  • Understanding of state statutes and fair housing laws applicable to multi-family communities and property management companies

Physical Demands

  • Walking, climbing stairs, bending to pick-up debris, twisting/turning, reaching, pushing, pulling and handling to perform cleaning duties, lifting up to 35 pounds
  • Use basic hand tools, snow shovel, 8 foot step ladder
  • Operating small to medium power equipment, upright vacuum and walk-behind snow blower

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