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The purpose of this Job Description is to provide a thorough overview of the duties and responsibilities required by this position. It does not list every conceivable duty nor the exact frequency of each activity required to effectively operate the apartment community. To that end, the employee must be open to any and all duties assigned by the Property Supervisor and the specific schedule requirements that they establish.

General Job Summary

Property Manager has the lead role in all aspects of apartment community's day-to-day operations including marketing and leasing, administration, customer service, maintenance and caretaking. They are tasked with maintaining the physical asset while striving to improve the financial performance of the property in accordance with the goals set forth in the annual operating budget.

Essential Job Functions

  • Leadership
    • Property Manager is leader of the site staff and as such must demonstrate strong commitment, operational effectiveness and clear direction to achieve the performance goals set for the property
  • Marketing
    • Must remain current on general and sub-market conditions that impact the occupancy and overall performance of the property
    • Work with Property Supervisor to create and implement an effective marketing plan to maximize the property's competitive advantages relative to the competition in the area
    • Ensure accurate and timely placement of on-line information either directly or through corporate Property Management Assistant
    • Manage rent levels and concessions in relation to unit availability to maximize property income and provide such information to corporate office when requested
    • Establish connections and interact with the surrounding community to maximize cross-promotional and referral opportunities
  • Leasing
    • Provide market ready apartments available for showings in addition to any model units
    • Maintain adequate supply of up-to-date marketing materials
    • Ensure prompt response and effective follow-up to all rental inquires received via telephone, e-mail or fax to maximize rental appointments with prospective residents
    • Establish a clear understanding of the features and benefits that provide the property with a competitive advantage relative to the completion and that the leasing staff can use to satisfy the needs and wants of prospective residents during the sales presentation
    • Insist that leasing staff effectively close on all prospective residents
    • Create an organized and consistent follow-up program that maximizes rentals from the available traffic
    • Provide on-going training for leasing staff through company and industry seminar as well as an effective program of on-the-job training and feedback
    • Application processing - collect and input all required from the applicant and ensure that company policy is applied consistently to all rental applications
    • Execute lease agreement and all required paperwork prior to new resident move-in
  • Administrative
    • General
      • Completion of all administrative and clerical task accurately, promptly and in accordance with company policy and all applicable laws
      • Keep the office area clean and organized to project a professional image to current and prospective Residents
    • On-Line Property Management System
      • Ensure timely and accurate input of all required information
      • Maintain effective checks and controls over all aspects of the system
      • Collection and processing of rent and other payments in a timely fashion
      • Produce late rent letters and actively pursue accounts receivable collections to maximize income and minimize bad debt
      • Track upcoming lease expirations, prepare correspondence and communicate with Resident to maximize renewals and reduce turnover. Input updated lease information into system
      • Conduct move-out inspections with vacating residents, determine applicable charges in addition to any current account balances and prepare SODA documentation
    • Staffing & Payroll
      • Interview and hire qualified employees
      • Complete all required testing, background searches and paperwork in accordance with company policy
      • Collect weekly timesheets, prepare payroll summary and submit to Human Resources as directed
    • Budgeting & Purchasing
      • Work with Property Supervisor to create annual operating and capital improvement budgets
      • Adhere to Purchase Order system to effectively manage expenses and avoid budget variances
    • Legal
      • Prepare paperwork and represent owner in court in the event of an eviction action or conciliation court
    • Laundry Coin Collection
      • Collect coin from all laundry machines and deposit into bank on a monthly basis
  • Resident Retention
    • Customer Service - Property Manager is the lead customer service representative and must set the tone for the entire staff
    • Dispute Management - resolve all resident disputes or complaints in a fair and professional manner and in accordance with established company policy
    • Community Events - conduct community events (summer bbq, Halloween party, etc.) to establish positive relationships within the community and minimize turnover
  • Maintenance & Caretaking
    • Walk building on a daily basis to observe performance of maintenance and caretaking staff
    • Evaluate work order and preventative maintenance performance
    • Inspect and ensure quality of unit turn maintenance and cleaning (make-ready)

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Hiring - primary responsibility for hiring of new employees with input from Property Supervisor
  • Assignment of Duties - set duties and areas of responsibility for each staff member
  • Scheduling - establish work schedule to best suit the property and enable it to achieve its goals
  • Create Successful Employees
    • Establish clear performance expectations - results, time frame, cost, etc.
    • Communicate clear direction - methods, relevant policies, potential issues, etc.
    • Provide necessary support - tools, supplies, information, etc.
  • Evaluation, Corrective Measures & Discipline
    • Provide continual feedback to employee in addition to the required, periodic performance evaluations
    • Communicate with employee and agree on corrective measures when job performance falls below acceptable levels
    • Provide verbal and written disciplinary action for sub-standard performance or policy violations and termination of employee if required following consultation with Property Supervisor

Knowledge & Skills Required

  • Understanding of state statutes and fair housing laws applicable to multi-family communities and property management companies
  • Detailed understanding of maintenance and caretaking issues related to multi-family units, buildings and communities
  • Ability to learn and master E-Site property management computer system and related modules
  • Clear understanding and adherence to all KMS policy and procedures
  • Proficiency with MS Word and Excel spreadsheet programs

Physical Demands

  • Physical fitness for frequent walking, bending, twisting/turning, climbing stairs, continuous sitting and use of computer keyboard. reaching, pushing, pulling, handling and occasional lifting of up to 25 lbs. in order to perform management duties.

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