Apply to a Locally Owned and Operated Mr. Electric Franchisee

Mr. Electric is looking for qualified professionals to join our team. We are an internationally established electrical franchise company serving customers across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Mr. Electric has available opportunities to learn valuable skills, work alongside seasoned professionals, and solve electrical issues in your community.

We have the following positions available covering various levels of experience and work opportunities:

Apply for a Mr. Electric Customer Service Representative position

Apply for a Mr. Electric Service Professional Electrician position

Apply for a Mr. Electric Branch Manager position

I acknowledge that I am applying for employment with an independently owned and operated Mr. Electric franchisee, a separate company and employer from Mr. Electric and any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. I understand that each independent franchisee is solely responsible for all decisions relating to employees including and without limitation hiring and termination, and Mr. Electric does not accept, review or store my application. Any questions about my application or the hiring process must be directed to the locally owned and operated Mr. Electric franchisee.