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A fully integrated platform with built-in diagnostics and assessments, our turn-key solution for the hospitality industry will help attract, recruit, develop, and retain top performing hospitality employees.

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Our solution for the automotive industry is a suite of web-based tools, documented processes, and hands-on training built to assist with the hiring and recruiting process for dealership sales and service associates. Avoid hiring the wrong people, hire more top producers, and reduce turnover!

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Contact Centre

The contact center industry requires individuals with the right combination of potential and hard skills. Our turn-key solution is preconfigured with the ideal settings for attracting, selecting, and retaining the right employees for contact center environments.

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Small and Medium Enterprises

Our turn-key solution allows you to screen and hire for all positions within small and medium organizations (entry level through senior executives), as well as effectively manage, cultivate, and develop talent internally. Choose our fully integrated platform and you will get a system tailored for your business.

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Financial Services

Use our turn-key solution developed exclusively for the financial services industry to help source, select, and recruit top talent with the right fit. This fully integrated talent management system can be implemented immediately.

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Transit Authorities

With this turn-key solution, you can screen and hire for all positions within your Transit organization (operators, maintenance, customer service, etc.), as well as effectively manage, cultivate and develop talent internally. Recruit, develop, and retain top performing employees.

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Healthcare Professionals

Developed exclusively for the healthcare industry, this fully integrated talent management system offers built-in diagnostics and assessments based on industry best practices. Managers can screen, hire, manage, and develop for all positions within a healthcare setting, including nurses, physicians, technicians, technologists, and administration.

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Public and Private Utility Authorities

This turn-key solution was created exclusively for the utility industry (electric, water, gas) and is a fully integrated platform with built-in diagnostics and assessments. Recruit and hire top performers for all positions, including recent graduates, skilled trade apprentices, professional engineers, and industry specialists.

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