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The Healthcare Pro™ is a normative psychometric assessment tool that helps streamline the recruitment process and place people in the most appropriate career in healthcare.

The Healthcare Pro™ provides science and data to help HR professionals and recruiters complement their intuition gained from the information collected from resumes, interviews, and reference checks.

As part of the development of the Healthcare Pro™, it was included in a major study of nurses in over 15 major hospitals in the United States. The study found that certain types of individuals were better suited for different nursing roles.

For example, a nurse suitable for an emergency department was very different from a nurse in pediatrics. The study highlighted that nurses in a “poor fit” role experienced significantly more burn-out and performance issues than nurses who were in roles well suited to their personality make up. As a result, any institution or organization that recruits nurses can dramatically reduce burn-out and increase retention through effective matching using the Healthcare Pro™.

By matching the unique demands of the role to a candidate’s dominant personality traits, patient-focused healthcare organizations can increase employee engagement, reduce ‘early role burn-out’, and maximize the patient experience.

Use the Healthcare Pro™ to select candidates who will thrive in specific healthcare roles.

What Does the Healthcare Pro™ Do?

  • Helps to recruit high potential healthcare practitioners
  • Increases the quality of the patient experience
  • Predicts performance and retention
  • Can be customized and validated for all healthcare organizations
  • Identifies strengths and growth opportunities
  • Provides coaching and development suggestions
  • Includes comprehensive self-coaching feedback

What Does the Healthcare Pro™ Assess?

  • Consulting and leadership styles
  • Approach to motivating self and others
  • Decision making, goal setting, and approach to feedback
  • Emotional awareness of self and others (emotional intelligence)
  • Success factors such as self-management, comfort with conflict, motivation, confidence, and lifestyle management
  • Fit to team and culture
  • Listening style and approach to patients, doctors, and colleagues

Selecting, Developing, and Retaining Employees in the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Pro™ is a normative personality profile developed using advanced statistical methods in psychometric research. It is a powerful tool to help attract, develop, and retain top performing healthcare professionals.

The Healthcare Pro ™ can be a major component of an integrated talent management solution that assists in career development and improves retention by matching individuals to the best fit career path.

Improve the performance and retention of nurses!

Getting Started Is Easy!

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