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Recommendation / Background2
Candidate Snapshot3

The Contact Center Screen™ is designed to help managers / recruiters make an informed decision about the suitability of a particular candidate seeking employment in a contact center environment. As such, the Contact Center Screen™ highlights each candidate’s inherent strengths and growth opportunities as they pertain to success in a customer service role, allowing for strategic placement, selection, and coaching decisions to be made in an informed manner.

John C. Marshall, PhD

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 Contact Center Screen™ (Version 2.0) (CCS2 #JHJ72QIRE6SY for SAMPLE SAMPLE on October 4, 2022)Page 2 

Recommendation / Background

 Candidate Information: 
Telephone: 864-233-3007
Email Address:
Desired Location: Smart Work Assessments
Position: Service


Not Recommended

Not Recommended

1. Select the response that best reflects your current position. Temporary Employment
2. If unemployed, how long have you been unemployed? 6 – 12 months
3. If a student, how many years of school do you have left? 2 years
4. What is the major reason you are currently looking for a job? Didn’t like job
5. How much experience have you had in a hospitality or service environment? 1 – 3 years
6. How many previous jobs have you had the hospitality or service industry? 3
7. In your current position, what percentage of your time is spent interacting with customers? 100% of my time
8. How many management / supervisory positions have you held in the past? None
9. How many different jobs have you had in the past 5 years? 3
10. Please rate how you think you would do in a customer service role. Average
11. How long would it take you to get to work at the location that you applied to? 30 min to 1 hour
12. Do you have any family members or friends that work for our company? No
13. What is your level of education? High School Graduate
14. If you attended University, College or Trade School, please indicate which one:  
  a. Location of University, College or Trade School:  
  b. Your course of study:  
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 Contact Center Screen™ (Version 2.0) (CCS2 #JHJ72QIRE6SY for SAMPLE SAMPLE on October 4, 2022)Page 3 

Candidate Snapshot

Enterprising Potential
High Initiative / ProactiveResponsive
Achievement Potential
Challenge / Financial GainPeople / Relationships
Independence Potential
IndependentPrefers Structure
People Orientation
Outgoing / SociableBuilds Relationships Over Time
Analytical Orientation
AnalyticalOverlooks Detail
Comfort With Conflict
Very Comfortable With ConflictAvoids Conflict
Self Confidence
Very ConfidentGrowth Opportunity
Lifestyle Management
Well Developed Coping StrategiesGrowth Opportunity
Attitudes About a Service Career
Very Positive Attitudes About A Service CareerNegative Attitudes About A Service Career
Reliability of Results (Honesty Scale)
Potentially Unreliable ResultsReliable Results
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