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The Admin POP™ is a selection and coaching tool specifically designed to quickly help and efficiently select all levels of administration personnel and associates. Use this tool to measure a candidate’s potential for success and suitability to specific careers in an administrative environment.

It has been used successfully for a variety of positions, including:

  • Agent/Representative
  • Associate agent
  • Office manager
  • Marketing assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Agency staff support

More Information about Admin POP™

What Does the Admin POP™ Do?

  • Predicts and improves performance and retention
  • Identifies candidates that will match a specific management style and organizational culture
  • Uses science to build high performing support teams
  • Includes coaching and developmental suggestions

Selecting and Retaining Top Performing Administrative Staff

The Admin POP™ is a comprehensive approach to the selection and development of a top performing administration team based on over 35 years of professional coaching with top performing executives, managers, coaches, producers, associate agents, and staff.

This tool is proven to accurately select staff with the potential to integrate into a specific management or organizational culture. It will help select candidates who are well-matched to a unique culture based on their approach to teamwork, their service and sales orientation, their attitudes, and other essential factors.

The Admin POP™ is the ideal for hiring an assistant, a partner, or an associate with complementary skills and abilities. It has also proven to be effective in building high performance support teams.

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