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The Contact Center POP™ is one of the world’s leading call center assessment tools. It is a thoroughly validated assessment solution designed for the selection, training, and coaching of contact center staff.

Use Contact Center POP™ to:

  • Select and retain top performing call center professionals
  • Substantially reduce early turnover
  • Identify candidates with the potential to cross-sell and upsell
  • Develop a pool of qualified candidates to support future hiring needs
  • Identify the source traits of your best performers

Managing your customer relationships and sales initiatives is too critical to put into the hands of the wrong person. The Contact Center POP™ helps contact center recruiters accurately predict performance and retention and make better hiring decisions.

More Information about Contact Center POP™

What Does the Contact Center POP™ Assess?

  • Service competencies
  • Potential for sales performance and business growth
  • Decision making, loyalty, and approach to structure
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Success factors such as self-management, motivation, comfort with conflict, confidence, rejection management, and lifestyle management
  • Listening style and approach to networking
  • Candidate’s ability to cross-sell and upsell

Selecting Candidates for Contact Centers

The Contact Center POP™ is a personality assessments that assesses an individual’s fit with contact center environments. It can be easily integrated into your existing recruiting and selection program.

This proprietary assessment includes benchmarking capabilities to allow scores from different candidates to be compared with each other and measured against current high performing personnel.

Proven ROI and Profitability

The Contact Center POP™ allows an organization to retain and expand their existing client base by providing the best service in the sector. Each customer contact is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and develop loyalty within the clientele.

By selecting people who are suited for customer service and cross-selling, contact centers that use the Contact Center POP™ are more successful in promoting their products and services, increasing revenues, and reducing costs. This results in exponential increase in profitability.

Join the world’s leading organizations that already use the Contact Center POP™ to recruit call center staff and identify qualified recruits.


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