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The Integrity POP™ an assessment tool that helps identify individuals with high levels of integrity, honesty, and sound moral reasoning.

Complete with a user-friendly web-based reporting and delivery system, leaders can now proactively assess potential and ethical behavior, and increase integrity at every level in their organization.

Use Integrity POP™ to:

  • Assess the attitudes of current employees
  • Screen out problematic candidates and select top performing candidates with high integrity
  • Assess manipulative behavior
  • Identify and measure individual work ethic
  • Assess behaviors and attitudes that lead to potential performance issues

More Information about Integrity POP™

What Does the Integrity POP™ Do?

  • Can reduce losses due to theft
  • Measures a candidate’s honesty
  • Assesses manipulative behavior
  • Identifies and measures individual work ethic
  • Assesses the behaviors and attitudes that lead to potential performance issues
  • Helps select ethical top performers who will grow your business
  • Predicts counter-productive behavior (e.g. lateness, leaving early, etc.)

Integrity POP™ as a Diagnostic Tool

The Integrity POP™ can be used as a corporate diagnostic tool to assess the attitudes of current employees and identify counter-productive trends. This enables on to be proactive in identifying an individual’s state of moral reasoning and development.

Integrity POP™ as a Selection Tool

The Integrity POP™ helps screen out problematic candidates so your organization can identify individuals who have the potential to behave consistent with the ethical standards outlined in a corporation’s vision and values.

The assessment’s scenario section allows hiring managers to assess a candidate's likelihood to engage in potential unethical behaviors and provides feedback on how a candidate distinguishes right from wrong.

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