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Sales POP™ is an assessment tool that identifies and measures the potential for success and suitability to a sales career, in positions ranging from service-based selling to relationship selling.

Use Sales POP™ to:

  • Select, develop, and retain sales professionals involved in a sales process that requires building long-term client relationships
  • Measure self-management potential and proactivity
  • Measure achievement motivation and closing style
  • Assess need for structure and coach-ability
  • Predict performance and retention

Our Sales POP™ tool is proven technology designed specifically for the selection and development of high performing sales people, and is used extensively throughout North America and the world to select candidates who will be consistent top performers.

More Information about Sales POP™

Selection and Performance of Sales Candidates

In an increasingly competitive business world, more and more successful sales organizations have adopted the Sales POP™ to identify and select the candidates most likely to perform at a high level in a relationship sales environment.

The Sales POP™ provides an assessment of the candidate's potential to be proactive in a sales and relationship management role. It also provides an evaluation of the candidate's self-management potential relative to current sales people and candidates being considered.

The Sales POP™ measures the individual's achievement motivation – the need for challenge or money versus the need for relationships or safety and security. It also measures dependence versus independence needs for structure in a sales role.

The assessment tool identifies self-confidence, prospecting orientation, ability to manage rejection, and commitment to a sales career.

Once a candidate has been selected, Sales POP™ provides invaluable information about fit to the manager and the environment – key retention issues.


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