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The Habits of Sales Professionals™ is a sales diagnostic tool that helps maximize sales performance. It is effective as a self-coaching assessment as well as for coaches who are managing sales professionals.

Competitive sales organizations must realize a return on the investments they make in their sales professionals. The Habits of Sales Professionals™ is based on over 12,000 successful coaching sessions and provides detailed insight on how to further improve the sales attitudes and behaviors of successful performers.

Use The Habits of Sales Professionals™ to help sales and account representatives focus their daily effort on activities proven to increase sales performance and results.


What Does The Habits of Sales Professionals™ Do?

  • Identifies an individual’s greatest sales strengths and growth opportunities
  • Helps to focus daily effort and activities
  • Streamlines the coaching and development process
  • Maximizes sales potential
  • Identifies issues affecting sales performance
  • Includes valuable individual feedback
  • Is completely web-based and provides instant reports
  • Takes only 15 minutes to complete

What Does The Habits of Sales Professionals™ Assess?

  • Being Your Own Ally: Evaluates the degree to which the individual is aware of their strengths and what makes them successful.
  • Maximizing Your Return on Energy: Assesses the degree to which the individual focuses their time and effort on high yield activities including closing existing business and prospecting.
  • Prospecting: Identifies the importance that the individual places on prospecting.
  • Developing a Compelling Story: Measures the individual’s approach toward contextualizing the offer to make it relevant to the prospect.
  • Becoming a Master of Communication: Evaluates the individual’s propensity toward communication and helps ensure they know what to say and how to say it.
  • Sharpening the Saw: Evaluates the individual’s openness to feedback and their approach toward self-improvement.
  • Keeping Score: Measures the individual’s approach to performance targets.

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