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Reach greater levels of organizational effectiveness and productivity with our powerful and accurate HR tools.

Our assessments, diagnostic tools, and organizational surveys are based on rigorous research. They provide measurable data and actionable insight to identify training requirements, improve hiring and retention practices, and develop a better understanding of how your organization is doing on every level.

Align talent potential with strategic planning.

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360 Pro™

We customize our 360° Pro™ to measure specific facets of your organization’s working environment and structured management model.

The purpose of a 360° assessment is to provide each participant with structured and constructive feedback regarding their leadership behaviors and competencies. The 360° assessment provides invaluable feedback for professional and personal growth.

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Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES Pro™)

The OESPro™ is designed to help executives and leaders evaluate several critical aspects of organizational effectiveness. Developed by senior managers with decades of business experience, this tool helps focus on corporate strengths and identifies growth opportunities.

A recent innovation has been the addition of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence as options to the data collection process.

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Corporate Vital Signs™

The Corporate Vital Signs™ is a diagnostic tool that assesses and benchmarks those corporate vital signs known to predict future corporate performance, revenue growth, and profitability.

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360 Referencing ™

On-demand 360° Referencing™ is a customized, online, high speed reference checking and reporting system that provides hiring managers with comprehensive, measurable, and accurate references for their candidates.

Get trustworthy, job- specific reference information.

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e-Exit Interview™

The e-Exit Interview™ is a customizable web-based assessment that provides candid information from about the feelings of exiting employees about the onboarding process and working conditions.

The data in this report offers a convenient, objective analysis that highlights trends and helps leadership to quickly address critical performance and retention issues.

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Team Pro™

The Team Pro™ is an essential component of any talent management system. It allows you to build high performance teams by understanding the individual strengths of team members and how those strengths may complement each other.

The Team Pro™ is ideal for:

  • HR professionals
  • Project managers
  • Coaches
  • Managers
  • Sales professionals Sports teams

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Engagement Survey™

The Engagement Survey™ provides your organization with crucial quantitative data and insight to make real, sustainable improvements to your organization. There is a direct correlation between engaged employees and an organization’s profitability and productivity.

Use the survey insights to develop corporate priorities, leadership priorities, and changes for individual teams.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

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Positive Work Inventory® (PWI)

The Positive Work Inventory® (PWI) is a comprehensive employee survey of workplace factors identified by organizational science as drivers of critical employee outcomes. The PWI measures classic workplace factors, but it’s also based on positive organizational psychology and includes meaningful work.

A 10% increase in PWI scores has been linked to almost 9% higher employee satisfaction, commitment, stay intentions, and lower burnout in a national sample.

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Talent & Inclusion Champion 360

Diversity and inclusion is clearly emerging as a competitive differentiator, yet only about 10% of organizations are truly inclusive.

Talent & Inclusion Champion 360 is a new generation 360 assessment tool that enables you to assess and then create an action plan to realize the business case for talent, diversity, and inclusion.

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Inclusive Manager 360

Building an inclusive culture becomes a reality with managers on the front lines.

Managers play a critical role in building inclusive and engaged teams that build competitive edge for the organization. Learn more about how to prepare your managers to build inclusive teams.

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