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We customize our 360 Pro™ to measure specific facets of your organization’s working environment and structured management model. This assessment tool provides leaders, managers, and employees with structured, practical feedback regarding specific competencies, strengths, and styles.

Use the 360 Pro™ provide constructive feedback for individuals in your organization.

What Does the 360 Pro™ Do?

  • Provides feedback for personal growth and corporate alignment
  • Identifies strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Provides constructive feedback from supervisors, peers, and direct repots
  • Provides senior management with an objective snapshot of the organization to assist in strategic changes
  • Complements performance evaluations and helps evolve your performance culture
  • Includes powerful career management strategies
  • Can be used for team building, development plans, and succession performance

What Does the 360 Pro™ Assess?

The 360 Pro™ typically measures behaviors, competencies, skills, and attitudes related to:

  • Communication skills
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Performance coaching and feedback strategies
  • Establishing clear expectations
  • Providing support
  • Recognition of effort and results
  • Support of an organization’s vision and strategies
  • Demonstration of knowledge about the organization/products
  • Leadership qualities
  • Problem solving and decision making abilities
  • Conflict management
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Customizing Employee Feedback

The 360 Pro™ can be customized to reflect the specific culture or team building needs of an organization. The feedback report is also customizable to provide individuals with feedback that is easy to read and highlights both strengths and areas of development.

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