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On-demand 360° Referencing™ is a customized online, high-speed reference checking and reporting system that quickly provides hiring managers with trustworthy, job-specific references for their candidates.

Use 360 Referencing™ to:

  • Obtain comprehensive, measurable, and accurate references for candidates
  • Increase the probability of getting honest, competency-based references
  • Reduce time required to perform reference checks
  • Ensure due diligence to hire good candidates


More Information about 360 Referencing™

Reference checking is the only part of the hiring cycle where a hiring manager has the opportunity to externally verify what a candidate has been telling them. Our online process is competency based, which increases the probability of collecting honest information from references.

What Does 360 Referencing™ Do?

  • Confidential online interface delivers competency based references
  • Provides measurable data on key, relevant attributes
  • Reduces the time required to perform reference checks
  • Helps hire good candidates by ensuring due diligence
  • Reduces the legal risks associated with reference checking
  • Provides candid analysis of a candidate’s perceived performance
  • Produces follow-up interview questions based on reference scoring
  • Is less costly than traditional phone reference checking
  • Can aid in training and development of all hired candidates

Get Real, Honest References for Candidates

360 Referencing™ is a competency-based assessment that helps a hiring manager validate the information accumulated through the recruiting process.

The statistical summary snapshot highlights gaps between the references, as well as gaps between the self-assessment of the candidate and the statistical averages of the references. This immediately flags areas of potential concern and generates key questions for any follow-up strategies.

It integrates with structured interview questions and provides a focus for a hiring plan to prepare an individual for both initial onboarding and career progression.

The online process and the database reporting feature ensure compliance with best practice recruiting and onboarding systems developed by HR professionals. Furthermore, the completion rate and variability in the responses of the references are significantly higher than in-person or phone reference checks.

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