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A powerful and effective diagnostic tool, the Contact Center Effectiveness Survey (CCES™) is customized to measure and track the success factors critical to your contact center’s unique goals and objectives. It helps executives identify the commitment level of their employees, their engagement, and how well they are aligned with corporate goals.

Use the CCES™ to get real data that will improve contact center development initiatives and HR strategies.


What Does the Contact Center Effectiveness Survey™ Assess?

The CCES™ gathers data on 14 mission-critical factors:

  • Organizational culture
  • Contact center culture
  • Contact center relationship with other departments
  • Leadership
  • Customer service quality
  • Accessibility of customer service
  • Working environment
  • Quality of management
  • Quality of labor force
  • Work support tools
  • Performance management
  • Training
  • Compensation and career growth
  • Employee self-worth

The CCES™ allows management to identify and focus on key corporate strengths and growth opportunities in six broad categories:

  • Overall Alignment/Effectiveness Index: Shows the degree of overall employee alignment with the organization.
  • Leadership/Management Assessment: Summarizes the attitudes toward the leadership and management as well as the organization’s approach to performance management.
  • Quality Index: Reflects the employees’ perception toward the quality standards of the organization in terms of people, product, and process.
  • Corporate and Contact Center Culture: Assesses the range of factors, including the working environment, that form the overall culture of the contact center and the organization.
  • Retention/Engagement Index: Reflects the organization’s ability to retain and develop valuable contact center resources.
  • Attitudes toward Survey: Assesses the attitudes toward the survey, whether or not the employees feel that the information will be used by the organization, and the value the organization places on individual input.

*Can also include Diversity and Inclusion

Creating High Performing Contact Centers

Based on over three decades of performance research, the CCES™ was designed to respond to the needs of HR professionals and senior call center executives who want to stay in touch with the front-line and understand what their people are thinking.

This tool helps organizational leaders to effectively put their “finger on the pulse” of the contact center, moving their organizational development initiatives and HR strategies to complement gut-feel and intuition. By equipping leaders with real data, initiatives become more effective and more targeted.

The CCES™ is an online survey, it is accessible to everyone in the organization with access to the Internet. The real time graphic report is easily interpreted and identifies trends that help leadership to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

Some of the world’s leading call centers use the CCES™ to help build proactive, high performance cultures. This data-driven validated assessment tool helps industry leaders stay ahead of their competitors and become more agile by quickly uncovering strategic needs and addressing those needs within a matter of days rather than weeks or years.

Other Tools for the Development of High Performing Contact Centers

To address the core organizational competencies, strengths, and growth opportunities presented in the CCES™, many of our clients chose to engage our contact center consulting team.

Equipped with a full suite of tools proven effective in the development of a high performance cultures, our contact center services include:

Contact Center Screen 2.0™

The Contact Center Screen 2.0™ is an online employee screening tool for recruiting call center staff. Developed by a team of Contact Center industry experts, the screening report will provide an indication of where an individual will fit in either a customer service role or a role that includes some upsell or cross-sell requirements.

Click here to learn more about the Contact Center Screen 2.0™.

Contact Center Pro™

The Contact Center Pro™ is a validated assessment tool for employee recruiting and selection. It identifies candidates that have the potential to succeed in contact center sales roles or customer service positions. The report, available in real time, accurately predicts performance and identifies candidates that will succeed in roles that require cross-selling and upselling.

Click here to learn more about the Contact Center Pro™.

Contact Center Simulator™

The Contact Center Simulator™ is a state-of-the-art, cost-effective call center simulation test that helps contact center recruiting managers recruit and select contact center staff. Completely customizable, the Contact Center Simulator ™ can be used to pre-screen call center applicants, test hard skills and competencies, and sell the candidate on the career opportunity.

Click here to learn more about the Contact Center Simulator™.

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