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e-EXIT Interview™ is a customized, web-based assessment that provides candid information on how people feel about their performance and working conditions, as well as the reasons they leave your organization both voluntarily and involuntarily.

Use e-Exit Interview™ to:

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Diagnose retention issues in your organization
  • Obtain an objective snapshot of talent management strengths
  • Isolate critical issues in the career management process
  • Focus resources on fixing problem areas
  • Improve retention and preserve human capital

e-Exit Interview™ includes a powerful “Executive Summary” and a detailed retention analysis that is updated on a continual basis to clearly illustrate why people are leaving the organization within a specified time frame. The result is a convenient, objective analysis of organizational retention and turn-over.

More Information about e-Exit Interview™

Identify and Solve Retention Issues

The e-EXIT Interview™ allows an organization to collect real time feedback to immediately identify and resolve turn-over problems and improve retention.

The quick and easy process provides important data that can be used to improve working conditions and help leadership allocate resources to target improvements in retention and employee morale.

The Executive Summary report provides data on both attitudes and opinions about working conditions and career management systems.

The e-Exit Interview™ is ideal for businesses experiencing high turnover or businesses with seasonal positions. It is also suitable for organizations looking to capture mission critical information before people leave to move on to other opportunities.

Many of the world’s leading companies partner with Self Management Group to design data-driven strategies that effectively address the trends detailed in our reports.

e-EXIT Interview Benefits for Employers and Employees

Using a consistent structure in the exit interview process helps keep the employees departure positive and can be a valuable experience for both the employee and the employer as well as revising future recruiting and onboarding systems.

Employer Benefits:

  • Learn why the employee is leaving
  • Opportunity to resolve issues with disgruntled employees, resolutions providing strategies for retained employees
  • Gain insight and pass on knowledge that can be used in career planning
  • Get candid information on employees’ attitudes about the working conditions, managers, systems, leaders, etc.
  • Provides information about employees’ perceptions of performance and compensation

Employee Benefits:

  • Structured opportunity to give feedback helps keep the process constructive
  • Opportunity for the employee to leave on a positive note
  • Creates a positive attitude towards future retention issues

Improve Employee Recruiting and Attraction

The e-EXIT Interview™ is a proven tool to reduce turn-over and improve recruiting, selection, and attraction strategies.


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