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The SMG Engagement Survey™ helps executives and leaders understand how to build highly productive, high performance cultures in their organizations. This effective tool supplies and administers employee engagement surveys based on best practices, enabling organizations to gather the crucial data needed to drive sustainable improvement.

Use the SMG Engagement Survey™ to:

  • Pinpoint problem areas in your organization
  • Identify areas of strength in your organization
  • Develop a highly engaged, productive workforce
  • Create tangible goals to improve employee engagement
  • Compare scores by work group, organizational unit, job category, etc.

Engaged employees are more committed and put in more effort that those who are not engaged. As a result, there is a direct correlation between levels of employee engagement, and productivity and profitability. Engaged employees care more and work harder, which produces dramatic improvements in business results.

More Information about Our Employee Engagement Survey

What Does the Engagement Survey™ Do?

  • Offers standard and customizable employee engagement surveys
  • Identifies strengths and growth opportunities areas in your organizations
  • Helps your organization determine how to leverage strengths to improve performance
  • Provides leadership training
  • Creates tangible goals with accountability within an organization

What Does the Engagement Survey™ Assess?

The Engagement Survey™ provides accurate data about how your employees are doing in terms of:

  • Overall company engagement scores
  • Engagement levels by focus, capability, and will
  • Scores for each work group
  • Comparisons of work groups to total company
  • Comparisons of similar organizational units
  • Comparisons by job category
  • Other custom reports as needed

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

The Engagement Survey™ gives business owners and leaders the quantitative information needed to develop corporate priorities, leadership priorities, and changes for individual teams.

Designed with best practices in mind, the Engagement Survey™ is built to encourage maximum employee participation, rapid turnaround of results, and the most specific and actionable insights possible.

This process will give your organization a long term strategic advantage.

Visit the Engagement Survey™ dedicated website, Workplace Engagement Insights.

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