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A Management Team Assessment is a valuable tool for selecting and coaching a high performing management team.

This assessment will identify the strengths and potential areas of growth of the individual team members based on personality, attitudes, emotional intelligence, cognitive abilities, and leadership potential. The report also provides feedback on how the team members’ character traits and attitudes relate to the team building process.


What Are the Benefits of Management Team Assessment?

  • A complete assessment of your team’s complementary strengths, leadership styles, and coaching approaches
  • Identifies areas of potential stress and conflict in the team building process
  • Identifies team growth and development opportunities
  • Provides mentoring and coaching suggestions for management team members
  • Assessment of individual fit to management culture

A Management Team Assessment Is a Highly Effective Tool For:

  • Building a high performing management team
  • Assessing an individual’s fit to an existing team
  • Selecting the best leader or captain for the management team

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