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After over 35 years of consulting with many of the most successful organizations worldwide, the Self Management Group created the Organizational Effectiveness Survey™ (OES Pro™), a web-enabled scientific tool that allows any organization to survey the perceptions of their employees in every department and location.

This cost-effective diagnostic tool is easily customized and implemented. Developed by senior managers with decades of business experience, it helps focus on corporate strengths and identifies growth opportunities.

Use the OES Pro™ to find out how well your organization is doing and pinpoint critical intervention strategies to focus organizational development efforts.

What Does the OES Pro™ Do?

  • Identifies the strategic needs of an organization
  • Provides an opportunity for employees to provide constructive feedback
  • Identifies effective communication channels
  • Helps increase teamwork and engagement
  • Clearly identifies organizational strengths and growth opportunities

What Does the OES Pro™ Assess?

The OES Pro™ allows management to identify and focus on key corporate strengths and growth opportunities in seven broad categories proven critical to the development of a high performance culture:

  • Overall Alignment/Effectiveness Index: Shows the degree of overall employee alignment with the organization.
  • Retention/Engagement Index: Reflects the ability of the organization to retain and develop valuable human resources and overall employee alignment.
  • Quality Index: Indicates the perception of employees towards the quality standards of the organization in terms of people, product, and process.
  • Corporate Culture: Assesses the working environment, values, and ethics that form the overall culture of an organization.
  • Leadership/Management Assessment: Indicates employee attitudes towards leadership and management as well as the organization’s approach to performance management.
  • Attitudes toward OES Pro™: Assesses the attitudes towards the survey, whether or not the employees feel that the information will be used by the organization, and the value the organization places on employee input.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: In addition to identifying the current demographic of diversity this construct assesses the perceptions about inclusion.

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