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Do you trust your employees? Do they trust you?

Does your organizational culture encourage the sharing of mistakes to improve?

Does your organization share credit for success?

The answers to these questions are essential to the growth and productivity of your organization.

Now you can accurately assess the level of trust within your organization.

The Organizational Trust Index (OTI™) is a web-based assessment system that provides a comprehensive and multidimensional look at the current levels of trust within your organization.

The resulting data can be used to identify the strengths and growth opportunities within your organization and inform future engagement initiatives.

Use the OTI™ to understand current levels of trust in your organization, and as both a pre- and post-analysis to measure the effectiveness of your trust building strategies.


What Does the Organizational Trust Index™ Do?

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of trust in your organization
  • Helps leadership create a genuine, transparent culture
  • Enhances the perceptions of corporate integrity
  • Helps recruit and retain high performing employees (trust is a leading contributor to these metrics)
  • Aligns the trust of leaders, managers, and employees

What Does the Organizational Trust Index™ Assess?

  • Perceptions of the company’s ethics
  • Confidence in leadership and strategic direction
  • Feelings of being valued and career satisfaction
  • Transparency and involvement in decision making
  • Consistency of enforcement of company policies and procedures

An Actionable Approach to Organizational Trust

The OTI™ is the corporate analysis compiled from the results of the Trust Pro™[Link to Trust Pro page], which provides a report for each individual employee. Combining the OTI™ with the Trust Pro™ provides a powerful, complementary approach to building a high integrity, ethical organization.

Using the Trust Pro™ data, the OTI™ assesses the trust factors within the organization at the leadership level, management team level, and employee level.

This multi-level approach combined with pre/post applications can promote the ongoing alignment of engagement and trust initiatives. As a result, the OTI™ maximizes the allocation of corporate resources and the ROI associated with intervention strategies.

More Organizational Trust Index™ Resources:

Download the Organizational Trust Index™ product sheet.

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