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Are your employees satisfied and engaged? Committed? Giving their best effort? Stress-resilient? Willing to stay?

The Positive Work Inventory® (PWI) is a comprehensive employee survey of the workplace features most identified by organizational science as drivers of these outcomes.

PWI features include:

  • Takes less than 20 minutes to complete
  • Assesses only evidence-based drivers of employee outcomes
  • Helps prioritize action items
  • Leverages research into meaningful work

More Information about PWI

The PWI measures many things that you would expect to find on an employee survey, but it’s also informed by research in positive organizational psychology. It includes meaningful work – a sleeping giant of employee motivation that’s missing from most surveys, and emerging as one of the strongest (and sometimes easiest to change) drivers of key outcomes.

The PWI is positive for both employers and employees.

Positive for Employers…


Measures a wide range of workplace factors in less than 20 minutes. Need a question? It’s there. It also taps engagement, satisfaction, commitment, effort, well-being, and retention to get the full diagnostic picture of what’s driving them.

Increasing levels of positive work on the PWI by 10% has been linked to an almost 9% increase in levels of employee satisfaction, commitment, and stay intentions in a national sample.


Taps only evidence-based drivers of employee outcomes. No fads, hearsay, nor folk wisdom. Also designed against scientific measurement principles for precision and accuracy, so your results are real, not statistical blips or artefacts. Tested in peer-reviewed, academic publications and national samples.

Smart reporting

Data mining and advanced analytics go beyond binders of bar charts to get the why, not just the what, enabling you to prioritize a handful of things for action. Questions are clear and linked to purview, so results can be acted upon by managers. Departmental ‘gap’ reports are available for manager feedback and coaching.

PWI-ImagePositive for Employees…

Positive workplaces

Informed by research in positive organizational psychology, which focuses not only on repairing negative things in organizations, but also building positive strengths and practices. These unlock resources that enable employees and organizations to flourish, thrive, and attain ‘positively deviant’ performance.

Basic human needs

Your employees, clients, and customers are people. Decades of research point to a handful of psychological needs that most people strive to meet. When these needs are met through work, intrinsic motivation occurs. This leads, for example, to higher commitment and performance, and lower burnout and turnover. The PWI taps the kinds of work and workplaces that meet these needs, and unlock human capital.

Meaningful work

When people of all ages are asked what they want most in their lives, meaning turns up again and again. Meaning has impacts on employee health, and the need for meaningful work is growing in society. Research shows that meaningful work is among the strongest drivers of engagement and twelve other key employee outcomes. The PWI measures work that helps bring about what really matters to people.

Also ask about the Positive Person Inventory™ (PPI), which assesses positive personal attributes among job applicants and employees. When used together, the PPI and PWI cover off both sides of the performance equation with positive people and positive work.

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