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Through our unparalleled experience and diverse global client portfolio, we have acquired a unique understanding of how data must be used to support and direct key talent management initiatives.

SMG consultants possess not only the highest academic and statistical credentials, but also have years of actual on-the-job business experience. This distinctive, and extremely rare, skill set not only allows them to analyze your data, but to interpret and apply it within your unique operational framework.

This ensures that any strategic decisions are unique and customized specifically to your organization, and are empirically supported by your historical HR data.

Workforce Analytics Services can help you with the following:

  • Identifying and mining key HR data points
  • Statistical modelling of HR data to employee performance and retention
  • Identification of current recruitment process strengths and growth opportunities
  • Succession planning and career pathing
  • Consulting around recruitment / selection “best practices”
  • Providing industry and global “Big Data” trends
  • Training existing HR personnel on how to assess and interpret data

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