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Make informed decisions about your career, lifestyle, and personal growth.

Based on over 35 years of research and data, our validated assessments use science to analyze your personal strengths, interests, and needs. With this detailed self-knowledge, you can build on your strengths and self-coach your career growth.

If you are planning your career, changing jobs, entering or re-entering the work force, or developing your training/education needs, this information is invaluable.

See Our Categories of Products for Individuals:

For Career Management

Career Management POP™

This Assessments will provide you with key insights into personal qualities and strengths to help you make important career decisions.

  • Provides the individual with detailed self-knowledge (conscious competence)
  • Helps individuals identify strengths and build on them
  • Helps individuals take ownership of their own career
  • Provides self-coaching for career growth
  • Matches people to careers based on their personal assessments
  • Is an essential component to long term career planning

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Self Employment POP™

This assessments offers a complete analysis of the key characteristics that most influence entrepreneurial success. Your personal report will recommend a self-employed career strategy and development plan.

  • Agent/representative
  • Consulting/contract
  • Franchises
  • Small business

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Vitality POP™

The Vitality POP™ is an expanded version of our comprehensive StressPOP™,which helpsan individual develop and maintain a healthy, productive lifestyle within a demandingcareer.

Our unique assessment includes recommendations for creating a customized actionplan that balances personal and work-related commitments.

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Stress POP™

The Stress POP™ is an innovative self-discovery tool that helps an individual develop andmaintain a healthy, productive lifestyle. Our unique approach helps identify lifestyle habits aswell as opportunities to improve health and increase satisfaction levels.

Use Stress POP™ to get personalized recommendations for increasing satisfaction and balancing personal and professional demands.

  • Provides feedback on personal vitality strengths
  • Creates an individual action plan to sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • Highlights recommendations for balancing personal and professional lifestyle demands
  • Provides personalized feedback and a lifestyle planning system that highlights strengths and growth opportunities
  • Suggests strategies and techniques for personal growth

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For Competitive Athletics

Sports POP™

The Sports POP™ will provide athletes with key insights into their character traits and personal strengths to help maximize their performance potential and assist in important career decisions.

  • Assesses the character traits essential to athletic success
  • Provides information on key attitudes
  • Offers comparative analysis to elite athletes on competitiveness, mental toughness, confidence, and motivation
  • Includes individual coaching and self-strategies

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Golf POP™

The Golf POP™ is a profiling tool that assesses the character traits, attitudes, and opinions of the golfer. It provides personal self-knowledge and other insights to help maximize the performance potential of a golfer.

  • Identifies strengths and how to use them to lower a handicap
  • Provides insights into emotional control, which is essential for top performers
  • Assesses competitiveness, mental toughness, confidence, and motivation
  • Highlights self-coaching and personal development strategies
  • Helps achieve a relaxed state of concentration
  • Maximizes success and enjoyment

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