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The Career Interest Profile (CIP™) is designed to evaluate the various things that an individual is interested in and enjoys doing. The CIP™ also asks the individual to evaluate his/her competency level in a variety of activities.

This profile has been proven effective in helping individuals attempting to decide on their first career as well as experienced career changers who want to continue to expand career opportunities.

Use the CIP™ to match interests with competencies to find career possibility matches that will maximize enjoyment and performance.


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What Does Career Interest Pro™ Do?

  • Identifies careers that are aligned with areas of interest
  • Helps develop career plans that will provide enduring levels of satisfaction
  • Focuses the planning process on careers with high performance potential
  • Is developed and mapped to the career opportunities of large, successful organizations

The Career Interest Pro™ Report

By combining interests, preferred activities, and competencies, the CIP™ provides a report that provides matches to various career possibilities divided into the following general groups:

  • Skilled Trades, Crafts and Technical: Professions which involve practical and mechanical activities and are associated with those who are often factual, logical, and practical.
  • Applied Technology: Careers are often scientific and involve a considerable amount of analytical and intellectual activity. These careers appeal to those who are highly analytical, systematic, and efficient.
  • Enterprising: Careers often involve people who enjoy working toward an organizational objective, frequently in a leadership role. Individuals who enjoy these careers are often enterprising, extroverted, and persuasive.
  • Creative: Careers often involve artistic and intellectual activities in the arts such as composing music, writing, performing, and other similar activities. Those with strong interest in this area are often artistic, creative, and imaginative.
  • Personal Services: Careers which appeal to those who are patient, selfless, altruistic, and have a high degree of empathy. These careers include educational, counselling, and social services, as well as similar roles within business organizations.
  • Business Services: Careers involve working with other people in a structured business environment to provide support services. People in these roles tend to be reliable, dependable, loyal, and trustworthy.

Career Interest Pro™ for Students

The Career Interest Pro™ was developed in business environments and reflects the actual job and career paths of top organizations. As a result, it can be used to help students decide on the best academic program that will lead to real careers and plan co-op experiences to maximize future career possibilities.

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