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The Career Management Pro™ is normative psychometric tool that provides an assessment of your personality traits as compared to the general public, and then relates them to job families and career paths that would be good fits for you.

This profile highlights key insights into your personal strengths to help you make important career decisions.

Use the Career Management Pro™ to evaluate your natural suitability to specific careers as well as your developmental needs. This information will help you succeed in your chosen career path.

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What Does Career Management Pro™ Do?

  • Provides the individual with detailed self-knowledge (conscious competence)
  • Helps individuals identify strengths and build on them
  • Helps individuals take ownership of their own career
  • Provides self-coaching for career growth
  • Matches people to careers based on their personal profile
  • Is an essential component to long term career planning

What Does Career Management Pro™ Assess?

  • Self-management potential
  • Comfort with conflict
  • Motivational structure
  • Environmental fit
  • Communication style
  • People orientation
  • Analytical orientation
  • Self-confidence
  • Lifestyle management
  • Approach to networking
  • Approach to self-promotion
  • Commitment to career

Make Informed Career Decisions

The Career Management Pro™ will help you understand the relationship between your personal strengths and profile of individuals in a wide variety of career paths. It provides a detailed report with self-development strategies and crucial knowledge about what to seek and avoid in a career.

If you are planning your career, changing jobs, entering or re-entering the workforce, or developing your training/educational needs, this can be a very valuable process. By understanding how well you fit a specific career path and what you would have to do to succeed in that career, you have a distinct advantage that will help you focus your efforts and energy more effectively.

Career Management Pro™ for Career Counsellors

The Career Management Pro™ is also a valuable tool for career counsellors. From a coaching perspective, the detailed understanding of the individual’s personality is a powerful tool to help career coaches understand why individuals may or may not fit well within various corporate cultures.

The tool can be used to help match the individual with mentors and to show individuals how to get the most out of their personal strengths.

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