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The Golf Pro™ is a state-of-the-art profiling tool that assesses the character traits, attitudes, and opinions of the golfer. It provides personal self-knowledge and other insights to help maximize the performance potential of a golfer.

As well as providing insights into maximizing performance, this tool allows the golfer to benchmark against top golfers on the mental aspects of the game.

Use the Golf Pro™ to gain insight into the athlete’s strengths and how to capitalize upon them.

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What Does the Golf Pro™ Do?

  • Identifies strengths and how to use them to lower a handicap
  • Provides insights into emotional control, which is essential for top performers
  • Assesses competitiveness, mental toughness, confidence, and motivation
  • Highlights self-coaching and personal development strategies
  • Helps achieve a relaxed state of concentration
  • Maximizes success and enjoyment

What Does the Golf Pro™ Assess?

  • Self-management
  • Mental toughness/Focus
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Competitiveness
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Lifestyle considerations
  • Attitudes about golf

Achieve Top Golf Performance

The Golf Pro™ is specifically designed to provide a golfer with insights into mental and emotional strengths and how to leverage them to achieve top performance.

The result of extensive research on competitive individuals in both sport and business, this profile measures the factors that predict survival and success in highly competitive environments. A number of top professional athletes have been profiled by the Self Management Group using the Golf Pro™ methodology.

The extensive report is divided into several sections that describe the golfer’s character and personal approach to golf, competitiveness, and other issues important to enjoying and succeeding in golf.

The Golf Pro™ is ideal for improving the performance of individual golfers as well as creating teams ranging from a charity scramble to a competitive university team. It can assist with self-coaching or help a coach or teaching professional understand the unique learning patterns of a golfer.

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