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The IT POP™ profile will help you make the right career choice if you are considering an IT career, deciding on new IT training, or looking at a new IT career path.

Use the IT POP™ to analyze the key inherent characteristics and attitudes that influence your success in four major IT careers:

  • Leaders/Project managers
  • Innovators/Developers
  • Systems maintenance and service personnel
  • Technical sales


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What Does the IT POP™ Do?

  • Identifies inherent potential to perform in various IT cultures
  • Provides valuable self-development strategies
  • Identifies strengths and growth opportunities
  • Includes valuable individual feedback
  • Is objective, comprehensive, and economical

What Does the IT POP™ Assess?

  • IT career ranking for the four major IT career opportunities
  • Career development plan
  • Retention strategy
  • Self-management potential
  • Motivational profile
  • Environmental fit
  • Comfort with conflict
  • Self-confidence
  • Managing stress
  • Communication style
  • Approach to dealing with internal and external clients, users, etc.

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